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Business Leaders Convene in Israel to Discuss Impact on Inclusive Growth

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 1:41pm

The third Maala International Con(fair)ence, the main annual arena for the thriving CSR and sustainability community in Israel, will be held on November 28-29 in Tel Aviv’s Hangar 11. This year’s theme is “Business Impact on Inclusive Growth”. The conference serves as a platform for dialogue between the Israeli and Global CSR communities, and will showcase Israeli excellence in social and technological innovation answering acute global challenges as defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The conference’s speakers represent some of the world’s largest enterprises, from fields of innovation and sustainability within the Israeli and global business community.

Among the speakers:

  • Shamina Singh, EVP, Sustainability at MasterCard and President of the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth

  • Steven Berkenfeld, Managing Director, Investment Banking Division at Barclays Capital

  • Amra Balic, Managing Director, Head EMEA Investment Stewardship Team at BlackRock

  • Hugh Wheelan, Managing Editor at Responsible Investor

  • Ulrika Hasselgren, Global Head of Sustainability and Impact Investment at Danske Bank

  • Sigal Shelach, CEO at JDC Israel

  • Naama Sikuler, Chief Editor at Globes

And many more speakers from TripAdvisor, Unilever, Bank Hapoalim, SodaStream, Intel, Proctor & Gamble, Strauss, Teva Pharmaceuticals and more.

The conference will see the launching of a new Israeli SRI forum, will host the annual Israeli Diversity Award and will announce the beginning of work on a comprehensive project on sharing Israeli practices with the global CSR communities.

As in previous years, the conference serves as a platform for dialogue between the Israeli and global CSR community and ESG investors. This year's theme, Business Impact on Inclusive Growth, is an area that has always been at the center of Israeli CSR, and the conference will showcase best practices answering global needs defined by the UN SDGs, such as goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, goal 10: Reduced Inequalities, and goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. Major topics include Value-Based Marketing to Increase Trust, the future of Work, Hot Trends in Food & Health, and more. Many speakers from the global CSR arena will participate in the conference, along with representatives from world leading ESG analysis bodies, and leading foreign investors that integrate ESG considerations into their investments. Complementing this is the Israeli Forum for Sustainable and Impact Investment which will be launched at the conference.

Momo Mahadav, CEO of Maala: "We're very encouraged by the interest that the conference draws both locally and internationally, and the dialogue that it enables. This year's focus on Inclusive Economy is an issue that has been high on the Israeli CSR agenda for years, and we hope to be able to share the practices that have developed in Israel."

Over the course of two days, attendees will participate in immersive field tours, brainstorming sessions and talks with insights into Israeli strategies on CSR.

The first day of the conference will revolve around eight different themes, with talks on diverse subjects such as empowering employees in a changing world of work, engaging communities and customers in the digital era, reducing food waste, and a snapshot of the LGBT community and the labor market in Israel.

The second day of the conference, Thursday, November 29th, offers a variety of field tours to sites of social and sustainable innovation around Israel. Participants will connect with local market-leaders in different sectors, providing intimate insights into Israeli businesses' pioneering practices, including visits to Arab and Haredi (Jewish ultra-orthodox) employment centers.

This year’s conference is being held in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy alongside some the Israeli market’s biggest names.

Learn How to Help Your Company Address the Climate Crisis in Free Webcast, December 5th

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 1:41pm

How do you set aggressive climate change goals within your company? What are tips to communicating the urgency for reducing emissions? This webinar will provide critical information for making the business case internally, and setting meaningful and credible science-based emissions reduction targets (SBTs).

Join Addison and CDP for “How to Help Your Company Address the Climate Crisis,” December 5th at 12 p.m. ET. This free webcast is recommended for executives at major corporations tasked with setting and/or communicating energy and emissions reductions and goals for their organization.

Sharing their insights on emissions reduction strategies will be Bridget Schrempf, North American Regional Lead for Commit to Action at CDP, an international non-profit that drives companies and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests, and Keith Littlejohns, Senior Strategist CSR and Sustainability from Addison. Moderating the discussion and Q&A session will be Judy Sandford--Managing Director of Addison’s CSR and Sustainability practice.

This hour-long presentation will provide practical information on setting and communicating SBTs:

  • How to identify where your organization is on the emissions reduction journey

  • Tips on communicating your organization’s goals

  • How to express urgency on the climate crisis

  • Using SBTs in the goal-setting process as a framework and strategy

About Addison

Addison is a creative agency with over 100 award-winning thinkers, designers, content creators, digital storytellers, and developers. Our strength is strategic communication — brilliantly executed across all channels. Established 10 years ago, our CSR and Sustainability practice offers some of the most comprehensive capabilities in our industry. We have produced more than 100 sustainability reports for our Fortune 500 clients and others. We have 50 years combined experience in the field and our entire team is GRI certified. Services include materiality analysis, stakeholder engagement, goal and KPI development, CSR and sustainability reporting against major frameworks (GRI, SDG, SASB, etc.), report writing and production, communications planning, employee engagement, digital experiences, and social media campaigns. Please visit https://addison.com/csr-and-sustainability/ to learn more or follow us at www.linkedin.com/company/Addison/

Here’s Why It Makes Sense for Companies to Support Climate-related Disclosure

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 10:41am

Mainstream investors are increasingly conscious of the impacts of climate change and they want to know how companies disclose and manage climate-related risks. The TCFD provides recommendations that aim to meet investors’ demand for just such information.

By adopting the recommendations, companies signal they are considering, and reacting to, the impacts of climate change on their business. It is an important first step in helping the market to allocate capital in ways that drive the transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Ørsted ranks among the world’s largest green energy developers, and we want to help create a world that runs entirely on green energy. We recently joined around 500 other companies in expressing support for the TCFD.

Jeppe Hoff Nielsen, VP of Reporting & Accounting Excellence, and Rasmus Skov, Head of Group Sustainability, tell us why the TCFD matters to Ørsted and to the wider private sector.

Why is Ørsted supporting the TCFD?

Jeppe Hoff Nielsen: Ørsted has transitioned from being one of the most coal-intensive utilities in Europe, to a renewable energy company with a global footprint. Since 2006, we have reduced carbon emissions by 67 percent, while our green energy generation has risen to 71 percent. By 2023, we will be virtually carbon free and generating at least 95 percent green energy. In the past five years alone, we have invested more than USD 9bn in green energy.

The TCFD recommendations help us continuously improve our understanding of climate-related financial risks and opportunities and disclose it in a useful way to our investors. The recommendations help us address the gap between our current approach to financial reporting and what more investors would like to know from us in the future.

We have begun our work on TCFD reporting. It is important work, and we should just get started rather than wait for perfection.

How do you work to close gaps to align with the TCFD?

Rasmus Skov: In Spring this year, we conducted a gap analysis to shed light on how far our current reporting and practices are from TCFD alignment. The analysis showed that we are aligned with the TCFD to a large extent. However, we still have important gaps to close, including better reporting on scenario analysis and scope 3 emissions.

To evaluate and implement relevant gaps, we’ve established an internal working group consisting of six different departments. The implementation work is rooted in the Finance organisation while Group Sustainability supports the process by maintaining an overview and coordinating between the different functions that need to work together.

Is TCFD changing the way you work?

Rasmus Skov: The energy sector contributes around one-third of global carbon emissions. As a global community, we need to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy, to limit climate change and help make the planet a greener and more prosperous place for everybody.

At Ørsted, we realized that fossil-based energy production was not going to make us successful in the long term. That triggered actions that today help rank us among the world’s 100 most sustainable companies.

This is exactly the kind of thinking and action that TCFD advocates. Their guidelines inspire us to think even more comprehensively about our approach and reporting on exposure to climate risks. Our internal, cross-functional working group comprising of finance and sustainability functions will help to implement the TCFD recommendations.

Is TCFD good for business?

Jeppe Hoff Nielsen: We believe that the private sector needs to be a key driver in the transition to a world that runs entirely on renewable energy. The TCFD recommendations can guide companies towards running more sustainable and climate-resilient businesses, while the resulting disclosures can help investors take climate-related risks into account and avoid stranded assets.

However, TCFD is more than just an exercise in risk management. It’s a means to examine opportunities that make companies resilient to the challenges of climate change, and to help them respond to climate threats with climate action.


Quick facts:

  • Ørsted develops, constructs and operates offshore and onshore wind farms, bioenergy plants and innovative waste-to-energy solutions, and provides smart energy products to its customers. The group’s revenue was DKK 59.5 billion (EUR 8.0 billion), in 2017.

  • More than 500 companies with a combined market capitalization of USD 7.9 trillion have so far expressed their support for the TCFD. That includes banks, asset managers and insurance companies, as well as non-financial sector players such as chemicals, energy and utilities companies.

  • The Task Force is the first industry-led initiative to bring climate-related financial reporting to a mainstream audience.

Living Soil Film Documents Soil Health Movement

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 10:41am

The Soil Health Institute (SHI) today released a 60-minute documentary that captures the history – and significance – of the soil health movement.

“Never have I seen, among farmers, such a broad quest for (soil health) knowledge as I’m seeing now,” says Barry Fisher, United States Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service.  “And this interest in soil health extends far beyond the farm gate,” adds Bill Buckner, President of the Noble Research Institute and Chair of the Board of SHI. “Consumer packaged goods companies, environmental groups, financial investors, and many others are recognizing the importance and value of improving soil health.”

Living Soil captures the background of the current soil health movement and its momentum, beginning with painful images of the Dust Bowl, and then transitions to personal experiences of innovative women and men who are managing their land to enhance soil health. The film features rural and urban farmers from Maryland to California, selling everything from corn to bouquets, united by their care for the soil.

The documentary is directed by Chelsea Myers, founder of Tiny Attic, a video production company located in Columbia, Mo. that specializes in documenting real moments and real people. Myers has evolved as a visual storyteller for a diverse range of projects as a director, producer, editor, illustrator, cinematographer, and animator. With a fiercely creative spirit, Myers and her Tiny Attic crew pursue meaningful work regionally and around the world.

“This is a film for everyone who cares about our natural resources,” says Wayne Honeycutt, President & CEO of the Soil Health Institute. “The innovative farmers in this documentary are showing us the way to grow our food in concert with the environment.”

The documentary is available online. To download the documentary, visit https://livingsoilfilm.com.  For information on SHI, to become involved in the soil health movement, and to subscribe to SHI communications, visit www.soilhealthinstitute.org.

About the Soil Health Institute

The Soil Health Institute (www.soilhealthinstitute.org) is a non-profit whose mission is to safeguard and enhance the vitality and productivity of soil through scientific research and advancement. The Institute works with its many stakeholders to identify gaps in research and adoption; develop strategies, networks and funding to address those gaps; and ensure beneficial impact of those investments to agriculture, the environment and society.

About Tiny Attic

Tiny Attic Productions (https://www.tinyatticproductions.com) is a multimedia company based in Columbia, Missouri. The firm specializes in filming, editing, animation, sound design, branding, and capturing stories about real people in real moments. 


Webinar: How to Craft a Winning Citizens Nomination

Wed, 11/14/2018 - 7:38pm

Every year, hundreds of businesses apply to win a Corporate Citizenship Award, making it one of the most prestigious awards in the field. How can you ensure your nomination stands out from all the rest?

On May 3, join the Chamber Foundation for a webinar that will share tips and strategies for crafting a winning Citizens Awards nomination. The webinar will feature past judges and winners who will highlight ways to strengthen your nomination and best tell your story.

From now until June 29, the U.S. Chamber Foundation is accepting nominations for the 19th Annual Corporate Citizenship Awards. Since 2000, the Citizens Awards have honored the most strategic and innovative corporate citizenship programs from businesses and chambers of all sizes.

EDC Launches the Coalition for Elementary Science

Wed, 11/14/2018 - 4:38pm

Education Development Center (EDC) announces the launch of the Coalition for Elementary Science. The kick-off event for the Coalition will be the Elementary Science Summit: Preparing K–5 for a STEM Future, November 30, at EDC headquarters in Waltham.   

The Summit will bring together Coalition members to focus on improving elementary science education for students in New England schools. Topics will include the current state of science in New England’s elementary schools, what constitutes high-quality elementary science, and action plans for moving forward. Coalition members include key influencers such as policymakers, educators, parents, business leaders, philanthropists, and the media. 

Research shows that children who experience hands-on science opportunities at an early age have greater STEM success later in life. However, most elementary-age children get little, if any, time for science. One New England state, for example, reported that 45 percent of students in grades pre-K–2 and 35 percent of students in grades 3–5 receive less than 9 hours of science instruction per year. The Elementary Science Summit will take the first steps to reversing that trend in New England. 

“Improving elementary science is a complex problem. If we’re going to make a difference, it requires multiple individuals and sectors coming together with a common purpose,” said Abigail Jurist Levy, co-director of EDC’s science and math programs. “Through collaboration, the Coalition for Elementary Science will be a powerful voice working to influence learning and teaching in elementary school classrooms.” 

The Summit’s featured speakers are as follows:  

  • Heidi Schweingruber, PhD, director, Board on Science Education at the National Research Council 

  • Erin Hashimoto-Martell, PhD, director of STEM, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 

  • Val Zanchuk, president, Graphicast, Inc. 

  • Scott Sedberry, director, Business Development, Texas Instruments  

“The only way to enable tomorrow’s STEM workforce is by coming together today, industry and education, to promote the importance of STEM learning in all grades,” said Sedberry. “If we diminish our efforts toward elementary grades or the individual STEM disciplines like science, we will forfeit our students’ STEM futures and our nation’s ability to compete.” 

For more information about the Coalition or the Early Science Summit, contact Abigail Jurist Levy. Registration for the Summit is open through November 23. 

About Education Development Center (EDC)  

Education Development Center (EDC) is a global nonprofit that advances lasting solutions to improve education, promote health, and expand economic opportunity. Since 1958, we have been a leader in designing, implementing, and evaluating powerful and innovative programs in more than 80 countries around the world.  

Press Contact

Theresa Donovan

Keep America Beautiful Celebrates America Recycles Day With “State of Recycling” Forum

Wed, 11/14/2018 - 10:35am

Keep America Beautiful, in celebration of America Recycles Day, is hosting the 2018 “State of Recycling” Forum in Washington, D.C., presented in partnership with Keurig Dr Pepper. This year’s topic is “Cleaning Up Recycling: Motivating Individuals to Recycle.” The Forum, which take place Nov. 15 starting at 9:15 a.m., will be streamed via Facebook Live on Keep America Beautiful’s Facebook page.

America Recycles Day, a Keep America Beautiful national initiative that takes place on and in the weeks surrounding Nov. 15, recognizes the economic, environmental and social benefits of recycling, and provides an educational platform to raise awareness about the value of reducing, reusing and recycling – every day – throughout the year.

Local organizations, including Keep America Beautiful’s national network of more than 600 community-based affiliates, governmental institutions, schools, businesses, faith-based organizations and other community partners, schedule educational workshops and recycling collection events in communities throughout the fall in celebration of America Recycles Day.

Now in its fourth year, the “State of Recycling” Forum is hosted annually by Keep America Beautiful to provide an overview of the opportunities and challenges facing recycling in the United States, as well as addressing critical topics that impact and can be influenced by industry stakeholders, government, and individuals. The Forum is held in conjunction with America Recycles Day.

“Through the 2018 ‘State of Recycling’ Forum, we’ll gain a better understanding of what motivates individuals to recycle and establish priorities for advancing education and awareness to improve recycling rates and reduce material contamination,” said Helen Lowman, president and CEO, Keep America Beautiful. “Keep America Beautiful is pleased to host this important Forum, examining the underlying consumer motivators to recycle, in partnership with Keurig Dr Pepper.”

Sessions can be seen, starting at 9:15 a.m. (EST), at www.facebook.com/KeepAmericaBeautiful. Viewers can submit questions to the panel if they want to engage in the national dialogue.

  • Promoting Recycling Behavior:  What Works – Wesley Schultz, Ph.D. Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, California State University

What motivates recycling behavior? What Works? What has an impact? What are the essential elements of an education process and campaign that will increase recycling rates and reduce contamination? What does research tell us about changing behavior?

  • Town Hall Focus Group Panel – Framing the recycling message

Facilitated group discussion of individual recyclers, nonrecyclers, MRF operators, haulers, recycling end-market, and local government officials with recycling programs.

Panelists include: Stephanie Baker, Director of Market Development, KW Plastics Recycling Division; Bruce Bates, President, Bates Trucking and Trash Removal; Matt Bedingfield, Chief Commercial & Strategy Officer, Tri-Arrows Aluminum Inc.; Bob Cappadona, Vice President, Casella Recycling; Dylan de Thomas, VP of Industry Collaboration, The Recycling Partnership; Kelley Dennings, Director of Social Marketing, Action Research; Kanika Greenlee, Executive Director, Keep Atlanta Beautiful; Joaquin Mariel, Vice President of Operations, Balcones Resources; Jim Nordmeyer, Vice President, Global Sustainability, O-I; Will Sagar, Executive Director, Southeast Recycling Development Council; Nicole Smith, Sustainability Manager-Customer Collaborations, Coca-Cola North America; and Neha Thatte, Brand Manager, Keurig Dr Pepper.

Sponsors of this year’s America Recycles Day include American Chemistry Council, Carton Council, H&M, International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), Keurig Dr Pepper, Merrell and Northrop Grumman.

Keep America Beautiful also encourages people to #BeRecycled in every aspect of their lives. Available online and via paper pledges at events across the country, the #BeRecycled Pledge is a promise to actively choose to live a recycled lifestyle by committing to “Reduce. Reuse. Repurpose. Recycle.” in all aspects of one’s daily life:

  • Recycling at home, work/school and on the go;

  • Buying products made with recycled content; and

  • Educating and encouraging friends, family and neighbors to take the #BeRecycled Pledge.

Learn more at http://AmericaRecyclesDay.org.

About Keep America Beautiful
Keep America Beautiful, the nation’s iconic community improvement nonprofit organization, inspires and educates people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment. Celebrating its 65th Anniversary in 2018, Keep America Beautiful strives to End Littering, Improve Recycling and Beautify America’s Communities. We believe everyone has a right to live in a clean, green and beautiful community, and shares a responsibility to contribute to that vision.

Behavior change – steeped in education, research and behavioral science – is the cornerstone of Keep America Beautiful. We empower generations of community and environmental stewards with volunteer programs, hands-on experiences, educational curricula, practical advice and other resources. The organization is driven by the work and passion of more than 600 Keep America Beautiful affiliates, millions of volunteers, and the collaborative support of corporate partners, social and civic service organizations, academia, municipalities, elected officials, and individuals. Join us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube. Donate and take action at kab.org.


ADM, Agrible and General Mills and Louisiana Cotton Farmer Jay Hardwick Take Top Honors at Field to Market’s 2018 Sustainability Leadership Awards

Wed, 11/14/2018 - 10:35am

Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture last night announced the 2018 recipients of its prestigious Sustainability Leadership Awards. The Alliance honored Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), Agrible and General Mills, Inc. with the 2018 Collaboration of the Year Award and presented the 2018 Farmer of the Year Award to Louisiana cotton farmer Jay Hardwick.

In their second year, the awards—presented as the capstone of the Alliance’s fall meeting—recognize farmers and organizations who have demonstrated outstanding leadership through their efforts to advance continuous improvement in the sustainability of U.S. agriculture.

2018 Collaboration of the Year: Southern Plains Wheat Fieldprint Project
Recognizing outstanding collaboration and cross-sector partnership in advancing continuous improvement in sustainable agriculture at the field and landscape level, ADM, Agrible and General Mills—this year’s recipients of the Collaboration of the Year Award—were honored for their collective efforts to help farmers in the Southern Plains build soil health, conserve water and extend the life of the Ogallala aquifer through improved management.

“The pressing challenges facing agriculture and the environment are too big for any organization to solve alone, underscoring the importance of collaboration to deliver solutions at the scale and pace needed,” said Rod Snyder, president of Field to Market. “Together, General Mills, Agrible and ADM are helping contribute to a more profitable, resilient and transparent agricultural supply chain by helping farmers measure continuous improvement in soil health and water conservation and explore practices that build resiliency.”

By coordinating efforts through the Southern Plains Wheat Fieldprint Project, these partners are taking steps towards helping farmers improve the resiliency of their fields, conserve water and improve their bottom line. These companies are taking important steps in helping farmers adapt their management practices to the future potential of prolonged drought, such as conservation- or no-till, which can serve as an important defense against the conditions that led to the Dust Bowl more than 80 years ago.

2018 Farmer of the Year: Jay Hardwick, Newellton, Louisiana
Honoring the extraordinary contributions of a farmer who is committed advancing sustainable agriculture through outstanding conservation and stewardship efforts on their farm and sharing best practices with their peers, this year’s Farmer of the Year recognizes Louisiana cotton farmer Jay Hardwick for his leadership and dedication to sustainability. As Field to Market’s highest honor for commodity crop producers, this distinctive award celebrates Jay’s commitment to delivering sustainable outcomes for agriculture.

“Jay’s leadership has left an indelible imprint not only on wildlife preservation and improved water quality in Louisiana’s bayous, but also in the conservation legacy that will live on in his sons as they take up his mantle of sustainability,” said Snyder. “His pursuit of innovation and passion for conservation is illustrated by his efforts to maximize natural resource protection, while harmonizing productive agriculture operations.”

The winners of Field to Market’s Sustainability Leadership Awards are selected by the Alliance’s Board of Directors and Awards and Recognition Committee. Each recipient demonstrates leadership in the pursuit of continuous improvement, resulting in measurable results and significant impact on both agriculture and the environment.

Learn more about the 2018 Sustainability Leadership Award winners at www.fieldtomarket.org/awards.


Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture brings together a diverse group of grower organizations; agribusinesses; food, beverage, restaurant and retail companies; conservation groups; universities and public sector partners to focus on defining, measuring and advancing the sustainability of food, fiber and fuel production. Field to Market is comprised of more than 140 members representing all facets of the U.S. agricultural supply chain, with members employing more than 5 million people and representing combined revenues totaling over $1.5 trillion. For more information, visit www.fieldtomarket.org and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/FieldtoMarket.

The Health Product Declaration Collaborative and U.S. Green Building Council Announce Strategic Partnership

Wed, 11/14/2018 - 10:35am

The Health Product Declaration® Collaborative (HPDC) announced the formation of a new strategic partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The announcement was made during the 2018 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building. The two nonprofit organizations have been working together since the inception of the HPD Open Standard initiative in 2012 to advance transparency and material health practices in the building industry.

USGBC and HPDC plan to expand their collective efforts to accelerate the global development and use of healthier materials in buildings and communities.

According to Melissa Baker, USGBC’s Senior Vice President for Technical Core, “Market demand for transparency and healthier products in all aspects of our lives is greater than ever. Nowhere is the impact felt more than in the building industry. Building on several years of work toward open, transparent information on building products and materials, the collaboration with HPDC will accelerate our industry’s progress to bring more transparency and material health to the global building industry.”

USGBC’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Available for virtually all building project types, from new construction to interior fit-outs and operation & maintenance, LEED provides a framework that project teams can apply to create healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement.

HPDC’s Health Product Declaration (HPD) Open Standard is an industry open-standard specification for the accurate, reliable and consistent reporting of product contents and associated health information, for products used in the built environment.  Manufacturers follow the Standard to report their product information and can then publish their reports to make them publicly and freely accessible.  Over 4,200 HPD reports are currently available in the HPD Public Repository, representing over 10,000 building products.

“Through this expanded collaboration with USGBC, we now have the opportunity to bring the message and tools of transparency and material health practices to a much larger audience of design professionals and manufacturers,” said Wendy Vittori, HPDC Executive Director. “By harmonizing and scaling today’s best practices, we will build momentum and more rapidly advance practices to the next level of capability and maturity.  The end result will be increased use of healthier materials in buildings where we live, work and play.”

The partners identified four focus areas for expanding their collaborative work:

  1. Broadening the Common Framework for Practice through Open Standards – Community-developed standards, such as the HPD Open Standard and LEED, have been instrumental in catalyzing interest and participation in transparency reporting and material health practice.  Working with ecosystem partners, USGBC and HPDC will continue efforts to increase the effectiveness of these standards as catalysts for change. 

  2. Information Technology – Information technology (IT) is a crucial tool for integrating transparency and material health with the routine practices of design professionals and manufacturers. The strategic partnership will support a collaborative approach among ecosystem participants to build a cohesive, connected set of IT and platform offerings that enable both design professionals and manufacturers to easily and effectively use information resources to inform their decisions.

  3. Education and Credentialing – Design professionals are critical decision makers in selecting and specifying products, and need more options and access to education in material health practice. USGBC and HPDC will work with ecosystem partners to increase the depth and breadth of education offerings and extend their availability to serve the broad population of global design and manufacturing professionals.

  4. Communication and Support – USGBC and HPDC will work with ecosystem partners to create engaging forums for communication, problem solving and interaction among design and manufacturing practitioners.  The end result desired is more rapid learning and growth of the community of practice, especially focused on outreach to global design professionals and manufacturers.

USGBC and HPDC welcome new organizations to join the ecosystem of partners and collaborate to expand transparency and material health research, tools, standards, certification, education and practice.

Amanda Kaminsky, HPDC Board Chair, commented: “Having participated with the HPD Open Standard initiative and HPDC from the early days in 2012, it is extremely gratifying to see this recognition and expansion of our collaboration with USGBC. USGBC is uniquely positioned to support the scaling of our work, so that we can bring the benefits of improved knowledge and healthier building materials to everyone.”


The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. USGBC works toward its mission of market transformation through its LEED green building program, robust educational offerings, an international network of local community leaders, the annual Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, the Center for Green Schools and advocacy in support of public policy that encourages and enables green buildings and communities. For more information, visit usgbc.org and connect on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn


HPDC is a not-for-profit, member association with over 250 organizational members, representing the full spectrum of the building industry: architects, designers, building owners, manufacturers, consultants, tool developers, and others who all share a common purpose to improve the transparency of information and the material health of the built environment. The organization continuously improves the building industry’s performance through transparency, openness and innovation in the practices of reporting, disclosure, specification and selection of building products.  For more information, visit hpd-collaborative.org.


GIGA and Toxnot Partner to Simplify Building Product Transparency Reporting

Wed, 11/14/2018 - 10:35am

A new integration partnership, between Toxnot and GIGA, enables Toxnot users to connect their building product disclosures directly to GIGA’s Origin Material Hub. Building product disclosures, which are created on Toxnot are recognized by the mindful MATERIALS (mM) Program and can be highlighted in the mindful MATERIALS Library. This integration allows manufacturers to submit their transparency data, thru Origin, to the mM Library without additional data management efforts. 

Toxnot provides product manufacturers an expanded solution to manage product disclosures in various program formats. GIGA’s Origin Material Hub makes product disclosures globally accessible to a wide array of architects and building owners.

“Toxnot is helping product manufacturers and architects by connecting Toxnot’s chemical transparency reporting feature with Origin, enabling seamless submittal to mindful MATERIALS, the industry-leading solution for architects to find material transparency data” says Bill Hoffman, Toxnot CTO. “Toxnot partners with leading organizations to encourage complementary collaborations so everyone can design, build and buy better products.” 

Toxnot is a chemical management software platform enabling product manufacturers and suppliers to produce safer products. Materials data can be collected, analyzed for hazards, and reported. Suppliers can create public material disclosures, complete with hazard profiles, all while keeping proprietary information secure. Users may publish reports, including Health Product Declarations (HPDs), LEEDv4 reports and Declare Labels. These publications are recognized by the mindful MATERIALS Library which is powered by Origin. The mindful MATERIALS Library has been created by the industry, for the industry and is used by the AEC community to find safer materials to incorporate into their designs. This partnership streamlines transparency reporting by eliminating a secondary publication step for Toxnot users. 

“Material ingredient related impact information is the most searched data category on Origin. This integration allows Toxnot users to add more robust data to their products on mindful MATERIALS, delivering A+D with increasingly comprehensive on-demand, up-to-date material ingredient information. The entire building industry benefits from this integration,” says Ryan Dick, GIGA, COO. 

GIGA’s cloud platform, Origin, is an international data hub which enables materials and product data exchange between manufacturers, auditors, A+D teams and industry initiatives like the mindful MATERIALS Library. The Origin Material Hub is an agnostic platform, integrating data directly from international reporting bodies.

About Toxnot
ToxnotPBC is an industry-leading technology company with a mission to improve health and sustainability across the global supply chain by streamlining the chemical transparency process. Toxnot provides an efficient system for manufacturers to gather supply chain data, gain insight into their hazard profiles, report on the results and create safer products. Organizations are able to automate transparency reporting and collect hazard information across their global supply chain, reducing risks. Toxnot scales from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, and utilizes searchable GreenScreen® List Translator scores. Toxnot also powers the Declare label submission process. In 2017, Toxnot won the Environmental Leader Product of the Year Award

For more information, contact: Pete Girard | pete.girard@toxnot.com | www.toxnot.com   

About GIGA
GIGA is an independent third party which combines the development of building standards with cloud software. GIGA’s software tools, including Origin, provide access to transparent, data to support performance-driven, regenerative buildings. 

Origin is the world’s largest hub of building material data. It connects certification source data directly to building materials and products. As certifications are renewed or updated, material information automatically updates. This enables continual data updates while empowering transparent, reliable and relevant material data. As an independent and party-neutral platform, Origin ensures that users, partners and collaborators have access to the broadest diversity of unbiased product data.

For more information, contact: Rebecca Best | r.best@giga.build | www.origin.build.com

RBSEU 2019 – First-look Agenda and Speaker Line-up Now Available

Wed, 11/14/2018 - 7:34am

I’m excited to announce that we have just released the agenda for Ethical Corporation’s 18th Responsible Business Summit Europe (10-12 June 2019). Download your newly released brochure here: http://1.ethicalcorp.com/LP=21639

The recent IPCC and WWF reports paint a stark picture, our planet is on the brink of an irreversible collapse. Coupled with increasing societal pressures, rapid innovations and changes in technology pose turbulent and challenging times ahead.

However, these challenges provide new opportunities to transform industries and societies. It’s time for business to embrace these opportunities and lead to a new clean and sustainable future. It will involve leadership, hard decisions, ambitious collaborations and innovations.

Our Responsible Business Summit Europe 2019 is built to provide practical ideas and opportunities to meet those that are shaping the future of sustainable business.

Our focused agenda covers: 

  • Time to lead: Identify innovations, materials, technologies and partnerships that will help your business deliver ambitious social and climate impacts

  • Data-driven materiality and impact: Develop systems and strategies that provide accurate data on future risks, opportunities and evidence impacts

  • New multi-stakeholder approach:  Engage Employees, Investors, NGOs, Governments, Customers, Suppliers and Competitors to truly deliver ambitious [SDG] impacts 

  • Communicate, engage and report: Demonstrate leadership and become a trusted voice on material issues

  • New for 2019 – Investor focus:  Opportunity for investors and corporates to share ideas on future risks and opportunities through focussed workshop discussions

2019 confirmed speakers include:

  • SakerNusseibeh, CEO, Hermes

  • Magnus Billing, CEO, Alecta

  • Erik Fyrwald, CEO, Syngenta

  • Al Naqvi, President, American AI Association

  • Ryan O'keeffe, Managing Director, Blackrock

  • Jeff Hogue, Chief Sustainability Officer, C&A

  • Sally , CEO, Forum for the future

  • Catherine Howarth, CEO, Share Action

  • Leon Wijnands, Global Head of Sustainability, ING

  • Sami Naffakh, EVP, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Arla Food

  • Plus many many more…

Be the first to see the full speaker line-up and agenda here: http://1.ethicalcorp.com/LP=21639

Exclusive Launch Discount – get £100  discount by using  the code LAUNCH when registering online here - Hurry up- discount ends this Friday.

Alternatively, would you like me to reserve your place?


OppenheimerFunds Recognized by Working Mother as One of the Best Companies for Dads

Tue, 11/13/2018 - 4:34pm

OppenheimerFunds, a leading global asset manager, was included on Working Mother’s inaugural list of “Best Companies for Dads,” which recognizes organizations that lead in the areas of paternity leave, phase-back programs, telecommuting opportunities, flexible schedules, and other initiatives.

“We are delighted that Working Mother has recognized OppenheimerFunds on its first-ever list of the best companies for dads,” said Andy Doyle, Chief Human Resources Officer at OppenheimerFunds. “It is important that our policies and time off programs for parents offer them flexibility to balance their personal and professional lives, while at the same time helping foster a culture built on trust, accountability and results.”

OppenheimerFunds was recognized by Working Mother specifically for its parental programs and benefits, which include a parent toolkit designed to help employees navigate their parental leave and return to work, and an employee assistance program that includes parent-specific resources and services. OppenheimerFunds’ leave of absence policy also includes 16 weeks maternity leave and 8 weeks of leave for new fathers.

OppenheimerFunds’ parental leave policies were also recently highlighted in Working Mother’s 2018 “Best Companies” for working mothers and by Fatherly as one of the 50 Best Places to Work for New Dads. The firm has received numerous awards for its benefits and workplace culture, including recognition on the Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index and 2018 Disability Equality Index, by Working Mother as one of the Best Companies for Multicultural Women, and as a Diversity Champion in Investment News’ Diversity & Inclusion Awards. In addition, OppenheimerFunds has been named as one of the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation and a Best Place to Work in Money Management by Pensions & Investments.

As part of its diversity and inclusion efforts, OppenheimerFunds also provides employees with the opportunity to connect with the diverse experiences of colleagues by joining Business Resource Groups, which include the Asian Professionals Network, Black Professionals Network, Disabilities Network, Latino Professionals Network, LGBTQ+ Network, Military Network, and Women’s Network.

The complete list of the 2018 Working Mother “Best Companies for Dads” can be found here.

# # #


OppenheimerFunds, Inc., a leader in global asset management, is dedicated to providing solutions for its partners and end investors. OppenheimerFunds, including its subsidiaries, manages more than $229 billion in assets for over 13 million shareholder accounts, including sub-accounts, as of October 31, 2018.

Founded in 1959, OppenheimerFunds is an asset manager with a history of providing innovative strategies to its investors. The firm’s 16 investment management teams specialize in equity, fixed income, alternative, multi-asset, and factor and revenue-weighted-ETF strategies, including ESG as a signatory of the UN PRI. OppenheimerFunds and its subsidiaries offer a broad array of products and services to clients, who range from pensions and endowments to financial advisors and individual investors. OppenheimerFunds and certain of its subsidiaries provide advisory services to the Oppenheimer family of funds, and OFI Global Asset Management offers solutions to institutions. The firm is also active through its Philanthropy & Community initiative: 10,000 Kids by 2020, reaching children with introductions to math literacy programs.

Web: oppenheimerfunds.com
Tweets: twitter.com/OppFunds
Podcasts: oppenheimerfunds.com/advisors/podcasts


To determine this list, the Working Mother Research Institute examined answers to questions related to dads submitted to the application for Working Mother’s annual 100 Best Companies. Those questions include paternity leave, adoption leave, surrogacy and fertility benefits, phase-back programs, childcare options, telecommuting opportunities, and employee-resource groups for men. The responses were then assigned points, with the 35 organizations listed receiving the highest number of points.


Working Mother Media (WMM), a division of Bonnier Corp., publishes Working Mother magazine and its companion website, workingmother.com. The Working Mother Research Institute, the National Association for Female Executives and Diversity Best Practices are also units within WMM. WMM’s mission is to serve as a champion of culture change, and Working Mother magazine is the only national magazine for career-committed mothers. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Shares of Oppenheimer funds are not deposits or obligations of any bank, are not guaranteed by any bank, are not insured by the FDIC or any other agency, and involve investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested.

Before investing in any of the Oppenheimer funds, investors should carefully consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. Fund prospectuses and summary prospectuses contain this and other information about the funds, and may be obtained by asking your financial advisor, visiting oppenheimerfunds.com or calling 1.800.CALL OPP (225.5677). Read prospectuses and summary prospectuses carefully before investing.

Oppenheimer funds are distributed by OppenheimerFunds Distributor, Inc.
225 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10281-1008
© 2018 OppenheimerFunds Distributor, Inc. All rights reserved.

Walmart and the Walmart Foundation Announce a Commitment of $500,000 for California Wildfire Relief

Tue, 11/13/2018 - 4:34pm

Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have made a commitment to provide support through cash and product donations of $500,000 to organizations in response to the severe wildfires that are impacting California. As part of this commitment, Walmart is working closely with local officials and governmental entities to help meet the needs of those affected.

“As the wildfires continue to spread through California our hearts go out to each and every person impacted,” said Julie Gehrki vice president, programs for Walmart. “We’re proud to support the heroic efforts of first responders and will continue to help with relief efforts, working with non-profits, local officials and governmental organizations to identify needs and provide additional support.”

Walmart has a long history of providing aid in times of disasters, helping communities prepare and recover by donating emergency supplies, such as food and water, home and personal products. In addition to last year’s hurricane response of more than $38 million, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have donated more than $60 million since 2005 in cash and in-kind donations in response to disaster events.

About Walmart
Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) helps people around the world save money and live better - anytime and anywhere - in retail stores, online, and through their mobile devices. Each week, nearly 265 million customers and members visit our more than 11,200 stores under 55 banners in 27 countries and eCommerce websites. With fiscal year 2018 revenue of $500.3 billion, Walmart employs over 2.2 million associates worldwide. Walmart continues to be a leader in sustainability, corporate philanthropy and employment opportunity. Additional information about Walmart can be found by visiting http://corporate.walmart.com, on Facebook at http://facebook.com/walmart and on Twitter at http://twitter.com/walmart.

About Philanthropy at Walmart
By using our strengths to help others, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation create opportunities for people to live better every day. Walmart has stores in 27 countries, employing more than 2.2 million associates and doing business with thousands of suppliers who, in turn, employ millions of people. Our philanthropy helps people live better by supporting upward job mobility and economic development for the retail workforce; addressing hunger and making healthier, more sustainably-grown food a reality; and building strong communities where Walmart operates and inspiring our associates to give back.

To learn more about Walmart’s giving, visit http://giving.walmart.com/foundation

With Winter on the Way, Consumers Energy Provides $2 Million to Help Michigan Families Stay Safe and Warm

Tue, 11/13/2018 - 1:32pm

As Michigan gears up for winter, Consumers Energy announced today that it is contributing $2 million to help Michigan residents stay safe and warm.

“When the temperatures start to drop, we know there are Michigan families who struggle to make ends meet. As part of our commitment to the people we serve, Consumers Energy is happy that we can help thousands of families stay warm this winter,” said Patti Poppe, Consumers Energy’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“We want people to know that help is always available and is just a phone call away.”

The $2 million contribution will help as many as 2,500 households in Consumers Energy’s CARE program. The CARE program provides monthly credits toward energy bills as well as forgiveness of past-due balances. Participants also qualify for energy-saving tools, including free in-home energy efficiency upgrades.

Consumers Energy encourages people who are facing hardship with energy bills or other needs to call 2-1-1, a free service in all Michigan counties that connects people with resources to help in their community.

Those who call 2-1-1 can be referred to one of the four nonprofit organizations that are receiving the $2 million from Consumers Energy. They are United Way of Jackson County, TrueNorth Community Services, The Salvation Army and The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW).

In addition, Consumers Energy this month is including information about available energy assistance options in all residential bills. The energy provider reminds customers not to fall behind on their bills before reaching out for help.

“It’s vital that people understand help is available,” Poppe said. “People can take steps now to ensure they stay warm even on Michigan’s coldest days.”

Consumers Energy, Michigan’s largest energy provider, is the principal subsidiary of CMS Energy (NYSE: CMS), providing natural gas and/or electricity to 6.7 million of the state’s 10 million residents in all 68 Lower Peninsula counties.

# # #

For more information about Consumers Energy, go to www.ConsumersEnergy.com.

Check out Consumers Energy on Social Media Facebook | Twitter YouTube | flickr

Ray C. Anderson Foundation’s NextGen Committee Awards $90,000 to Second Nature

Tue, 11/13/2018 - 10:32am

The NextGen Committee of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation has awarded a $90,000 grant to Second Nature to provide the tools necessary to allow universities to collaborate and pool their financial investments, to increase the number of large-scale renewable energy projects in the national grid, and to achieve climate neutrality on more U.S. campuses.

The Ray C. Anderson Foundation is a private family foundation that was launched in 2012 to celebrate the legacy of Ray C. Anderson (1934-2011), a globally known industrialist turned environmentalist that was once named the “Greenest CEO” by Fortune, and a “Hero of the Environment” by TIME.

The Foundation’s NextGen Committee is comprised of Ray’s five grandchildren and their spouses. Since 2013, the Committee has taken an active role in perpetuating Ray’s legacy by investing in projects geared to make the world a better place for “Tomorrow’s Children.” Over the past six years, the committee has funded more than $300,000 in programs with focus ranging from conservation to climate change education to urban agriculture.

John Lanier, executive director of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, and a member of the NextGen Committee, says the group issued a call for proposals in April 2018 because they were most interested in finding ways to reduce carbon without simply investing in certified carbon offsets.   “We wondered how we might leverage the power of philanthropy to incentivize real action with measurable results,” he said.

With over a decade of climate action, Second Nature has worked with the almost 600 Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments signatories to lead the higher education sector in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and striving to meet the necessary goals laid out by climate scientists to avert the worst impacts of climate change. By publicly reporting progress, these signatory institutions in the Climate Leadership Network share examples of carbon reduction efforts from fuel switching and energy efficiency to renewable energy and carbon offset purchasing.

“We were impressed by Second Nature's leadership in convening university stakeholders and moving them from ideas to action,” said Chantel Lanier, Chairperson of the NextGen Committee. “Ray Anderson always stressed that the industrial sector could create positive environmental change because it is so large. The university sector certainly has the same potential when they put their voices and resources together, in particular when it comes to reversing global warming."

Second Nature plans to use the grant funds to provide the resources necessary for a group of colleges and universities that are already committed to carbon neutrality and ready to move from the initial administrative commitment stage to measurable climate action within the next calendar year.

The Second Nature team is hopeful that the grant will enable multiple universities to push their ideas into action, ultimately combining their financial commitments to complete a large-scale, (60 MW+) aggregated procurement of clean energy in 2019, through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Second Nature and the Climate Leadership Network possess an extensive infrastructure of technical assistance tools, contact and communication systems, a public reporting and climate data platform, and the ability to convene in-person meetings that lead to action, like the Climate Leadership Summit February 10-12 in Tempe, Arizona, and the cross-sector forums of the  University Climate Change Coalition, or UC3. This combination of practical tools and collaborative implementation expedites the unprecedented action necessary to stave off the worst impacts of climate change.

"By working together to increase demand for clean energy, campuses can drive renewable pathways that would otherwise not be possible. We're grateful to the Ray C. Anderson Foundation for supporting the Climate Leadership Network's ability to scale solutions during this time when transformative climate action is urgently needed,” said Tim Carter, President of Second Nature. “The grant will advance Second Nature’s initiatives with higher education institutions on large-scale renewable energy projects in a way that other sectors can replicate, for global results in greenhouse gas reduction.”

About the Ray C. Anderson Foundation   The Ray C. Anderson Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that seeks to promote a sustainable society by supporting and funding educational and project-based initiatives that advance knowledge and innovation in sustainability.   http://www.raycandersonfoundation.org

About the NextGen Committee

Ray C. Anderson’s five grandchildren, along with their spouses, comprise the NextGen Committee of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees for worthwhile grants and initiatives. Over the past couple of years, the Committee has decided to focus its philanthropic efforts on programs that help reverse global warming.

About Second Nature and the Climate Leadership Network

Second Nature is committed to accelerating climate action in, and through, higher education. This is accomplished by mobilizing a diverse array of higher education institutions to act on bold climate commitments, to scale campus climate initiatives, and to create innovative climate solutions. Second Nature aims to align, amplify, and bridge the sector’s efforts with other global leaders to advance urgent climate priorities.

The Climate Leadership Commitments are a signature program of Second Nature and include a Carbon Commitment (focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions), a Resilience Commitment (focused on climate adaptation and building community capacity), and a Climate Commitment that integrates both. The Climate Leadership Network comprises almost 600 colleges and universities in every state and the District of Columbia who have committed to take action on climate and prepare students through research and education to solve the challenges of the 21st century. Learn more at: secondnature.org.

AmerisourceBergen Foundation Donates Nearly 1 Million Drug Deactivation Resources and Provides Funding to 20+ Organizations to Help Combat the Opioid Epidemic

Tue, 11/13/2018 - 10:32am

Today, the AmerisourceBergen Foundation announced its collaboration with more than 20 not-for-profit organizations over the past year to provide necessary funding used to help mitigate prescription drug misuse and abuse. As part of the Foundation’s comprehensive approach to this national issue, it has also distributed nearly one million drug deactivation resources through its Safe Disposal Support Program to 44 states and 140 organizations across the U.S. 

The AmerisourceBergen Foundation identified and developed comprehensive opioid misuse and abuse initiatives, including the Opioid Resource Grant Program and the Safe Disposal Support Program, to redefine best practices and advance innovative ideas from nonprofits with the goal of improving the wellbeing of communities around the world.

Since its establishment, the Opioid Resource Grant program has garnered significant interest from hundreds of nonprofit and grant-funded organizations seeking support to broaden current efforts toward curbing opioid abuse. During fiscal year 2018, the Opioid Resource Grant Program, under the guidance and leadership of an External Advisory Committee (EAC) comprised of key stakeholders, partnered with a variety of community-based organizations devoted to creating action-oriented solutions, including:

  • Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

  • Hope Within Initiative

  • Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities

  • Public Health Foundation of Columbia County

  • Washington County Wellness Initiative 

To date, the Foundation has received more than 300 letters of intent from not-for-profit organizations seeking support for opioid-related initiatives and provided more than $3.4M in grants and in-kind donations. Due to the growing volume of application proposals and demand, the Opioid Resource Grant Program recently established a second External Advisory Committee to assist with requests and support the grant-making decision process. The additional EAC includes influential thought leaders whose expertise span across public health, community-based grant-making and community coalition building.

“Our Foundation has strategically aligned itself to address today’s biggest health-related issues and concerns. The epidemic of opioid misuse is a complex, multi-faceted problem – and one that demands action, attention and a collaborative approach,” said Gina Clark, President of the AmerisourceBergen Foundation. “I look forward to the next phase of our Foundation’s work, as we continue to identify partnerships aligned to our mission that will help maximize our impact and drive sustained change.”

In recognition of the Foundation’s dedication and efforts to help mitigate the opioid crisis, Eluna (formerly The Moyer Foundation), a nonprofit supporting children and families impacted by grief or addiction, recently awarded the Foundation with its annual Corporate Partnership Award. As a long-term partner, Eluna and the Foundation have worked together over the years to reach underserved youth who have been impacted by a family member’s substance use disorder and provide them with addiction prevention resources and support services. This recent honor was in acknowledgement of the Foundation’s commitment and multi-pronged approach to identify strategic partners and combat controlled substance abuse and misuse across communities nationwide. 

“We have been grateful for the continuous support of the AmerisourceBergen Foundation and their response and collaboration to address the needs of children affected by addiction. With such a critical health issue facing our families and neighbors, the work of a dedicated organization like the AmerisourceBergen Foundation is not only appreciated, but necessary as nonprofits continue to care for those in need,” said Mary K. Fitzgerald, CEO of Eluna.

For more information about the AmerisourceBergen Foundation and its approach to end controlled substance misuse and abuse, please visit www.amerisourcebergenfoundation.org.

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About the AmerisourceBergen Foundation
The AmerisourceBergen Foundation is an independent not-for-profit charitable giving organization established by AmerisourceBergen Corporation to support health-related causes that enrich that global community. The Foundation aims to improve the health and well-being of its patient populations – both human and animal – by investing in its communities. Through strategic partnerships and community collaboration, the Foundation works to expand access to quality healthcare and provide resources to ensure prescription drug safety. For more information, visit www.amerisourcebergenfoundation.org.

Plastics Debate With Dow & Walgreen Boots Alliance

Tue, 11/13/2018 - 10:32am

Plastic has been an invention that has been seen until recent years as the perfect material for product packaging. However, its strengths are also its weakness. Businesses are increasingly looking at plastic reduction, closing the loop and finding more sustainable and less impactful substitutes.

To help you tackle the plastics and packing debate, 4 senior leaders are ready to share their strategies for innovation via an interactive webinar debate. Join Ethical Corporation on Wednesday, November 28th, at 9am ET for our free online webinar with:

  • John Kotlarczyk, Senior Director, CSR & Waste Reduction, Walgreen Boots Alliance
  • Jennifer Ronk, Sustainability & Advocacy Manager, Dow
  • Michael Colarossi, Vice President, Innovation & Sustainability, Avery Dennison
  • David Clark, VP, Sustainability, Amcor

Moderated by: Amy Glawe, Manager of Technology, Winpak Portion Packaging

In this 1-hour webinar, you will learn how innovative businesses are tackling the plastics challenge

  • Circular plastic – Closing the loop on plastic waste
  • Reducing your plastic use
  • Future packaging – Finding the substitute for plastic
  • Educate communities on plastic waste and recycling

Can’t join? Sign up anyway to receive the full post-webinar recordings: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6743021533775992577?source=reportalert

Best regards,


Ed Long
Project Director
Ethical Corporation
Email: ed.long@ethicalcorp.com
Tel: +44 (0) 207 375 7188

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11th Annual Corporate Citizenship Film Festival

Tue, 11/13/2018 - 10:32am

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship's International Corporate Citizenship Film Festival is the largest film festival devoted exclusively to celebrating the work of corporate social responsibility (CSR) professionals, their companies, and programs. The eleventh annual Film Festival, presented by BBVA Compass, is now accepting submissions. Winners will be honored at the 2019 International Corporate Citizenship Conference, being held April 28-30, 2019 in Dallas, Texas.

The Film Festival is open to all companies regardless of size or location. To participate, an organization is asked to submit a short film depicting one or more aspects of a recent corporate citizenship initiative. Participants often use the festival as a storytelling opportunity for their signature programs; since the inaugural event in 2009, the Film Festival has received more than 520 submissions. Among last year’s winning entries were films that showcased impactful disaster relief efforts, the power of financial literacy and STEM education, and the responsibility of men to “Man Up” and support an end to domestic violence.


  • Submission period: Films, in the form of video uploads, will be accepted from November 12, 2018 through January 18, 2019.

  • Eligibility—The Film Festival is exclusive to for-profit companies, which are eligible to participate regardless of size or location, including both members and nonmembers of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. Entry for members is FREE; the entry fee for nonmembers is $1,500.

  • Length and File Format—Films are required to be less than three minutes in length and submitted in one of the following formats: .AVI, .FLV, .MP4, .MPG, .MOV, .FLV, .WMV. Only one entry per company is permitted.

  • Categories—Winners are awarded in the following categories:

    • Small Company (1 - 5,000 employees*)

    • Medium Company (5,000 - 30,000 employees*)

    • Large Company (30,000+ employees*)

    • Fan Favorite

    • Best in Show

* We define employee as a person your company employs for wages or salary; this includes Full-Time employees, Part-Time employees, Temporary employees, and Independent Contractors or Freelancers.

  • Public voting: Open to the general public, voting will take place online through the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship website from February 4 through February 27, 2019. The field will be narrowed down to nine finalists, three per size category; public voting determines the Fan Favorite winner.

  • Judging: The finalists will be reviewed by a panel of judges to choose a winner of each size category, as well as the Best in Show winner. Judging is based on content and storytelling, production quality, and alignment with the participating company’s overall corporate citizenship objectives.

  • Winner announced: Winners will be announced on April 28, during the 2019 International Corporate Citizenship Conference, which is being held on April 28-30, 2019, in Dallas, Texas. Finalists must be present to win. 


Click here to submit your film for the 2019 International Corporate Citizenship Film Festival.


If you have questions, please email filmfestival@bc.edu.


The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC) is a leader in the field of corporate citizenship helping corporate social responsibility (CSR) professionals know more about how to maximize business and social value; do more, and achieve more through environmental, social, and governance investments. Founded in 1985, the Center draws on a community of corporate professionals, original research, and resources of the Boston College Carroll School of Management. The membership-supported organization engages more than 10,000 individuals annually across its network of more than 470 member companies each year. For more information, visit ccc.bc.edu.


Jessica Shearer
Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
Phone: 617.552.4545
Email: ccc@bc.edu


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