Sometimes, it takes only one thing to be remarkable.


by Becky Holt, Calypso Communications

The concept behind Just One Thing seeks to motivate businesses, with stories from their peers, to carry out one sustainability initiative - that one attainable idea that creates shared value, whether it benefits your employees, the community or the environment.

But what if this one attainable idea, also helped grow your revenue stream? As consumers, the influencer that is so fundamental to the way we choose products and services, is also one of the most overlooked ‘tactics’ in the marketing world: having a product or service that is remarkable, or worth sharing.

Does your company strive to deliver a remarkable product or service?  Do you feel like you are pushing your product or service on the consumer or is what you offer so extraordinary that it markets itself,  being talked about and shared within your current customers’  larger networks. By “shared” I am not referring to how many ‘likes’ your company has on Facebook, or re-tweets on Twitter, I am talking about the verbal referrals we give to our friends, family and colleagues when we’ve just had a great experience.

Remarkable doesn’t happen overnight, but it can be built with small steps -  maybe a customer service initiative, or an employee program that sparks employees to spread how satisfying their work life is, or even a financial commitment for a community cause. Not only will the parties affected share their satisfaction with others, they will share it with YOU – and there is nothing wrong with feeling good about what you do.

If I could predict one marketing trend that will continue to spread it will be the one that taps into our human instinct to discover and share. Don’t push annoying banner ads on your potential customers - impress the ones you already have by doing Just One Thing at your company to prove you’re worth talking about. Your bottom line will thank you.

Becky Holt is a Public Relations Account Executive at Calypso Communications in Portsmouth.

Help foster more sustainable business in New Hampshire by sharing your sustainability story, visit our Just One Thing page to find out how!


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