Fostering a Business Culture of Engagement with Social Responsibility

large_neverworry.pngby Leila Murphy, Outreach Manager, NH Businesses for Social Responsibility

Life is busy-that is no secret. Sometimes it's hard to step away from our day-to-day responsibilities to think about what we each might do beyond a given hour, day or week. What if for a few hours every month you could exchange an email for a smile, a conference call for a face-to-face conversation, or a keyboard for the opportunity to use your hands to help build something for a park or school?  What if your company offered employees a community service program encouraging just this kind of participation and impact on corporate culture?
Job seekers are now looking beyond a job description and more closely at an employer's reputation. In the workplace are employees given opportunities to learn, to volunteer within the community and collaborate with community partners?   Is the company a good corporate citizen? Do they support causes that are important to their employees within the community, and are they thoughtful and responsible stewards of the environment?
Organizations themselves are exploring ways in which to weave social responsibility into the fabric of their company, making it an integral part of how their company and employees learn and grow. It's possible to have a thriving business and 'do good' at the same time. Organizations who have been successful on this front have fostered a culture that teaches and strengthens both the individual and company, which is essential to attracting and retaining good employees. High-quality people want to work for similarly great organizations.
We live in a world where bits and bytes are exchanged at an amazing speed, making business operations much more efficient and productive than they ever have been. However, with all of these ways we have to connect, sometimes it's difficult to have meaningful human interactions. But, it feels like change is in the air-people are seeking out these experiences-wanting to make meaningful connections both in and out of the workplace.medium_start_where_you_are.jpeg
 ' Doing good' has long been a part of many organizations' commitment to their community, but as we've seen and read, there are some who have begun to distance themselves from the pack by making philanthropy through engagement a way of life.  It's no longer just about doing good--its how business is being done. 

We invite you to think about your own company. Is there a particular social impact area that relates to your business that you could address as a company? Speak with your employees and invite them to be part of the conversation. Leaders in this arena stress that it's important to concentrate one's efforts on a single issue. What is yours? How will you choose to engage and encourage others to join you?

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