A conversation with Allison Viger, JMD Industries

We are delighted to have JMD Industries join as a new member of NHBSR. JMD Industries, located in Hudson NH, specializes in electroplating and finishing services including zinc plating, anodizing, chromate on aluminum and more. For those of us who can’t quite visualize what this means—take a look at your cellphone, computer or common medical devices. Chances are there is at least one piece in each of those items that JMD has had a hand in. With over 3 million pieces processed a year—the chances are high. Their work covers a number of industries—aerospace, medical devices, computer components and more.

We recently caught up with Allison Viger, who in partnership with her brother, James DeDeus, carry on their family’s business that started in 1977, one that actually can be said to have started in the 1930’s.

As we know, everyone has a story and we would like to share a little history on JMD and how they’ve come to be where they are now. Allison and James’s grandfather on their mother’s side owned and operated an electroplating company called Essex Chrome Plating located in Methuen, MA. During the second World War the company had a “captive” client—that of the US military—which provided consistent work for a number of years. Roll ahead several decades to when their parents met each other and their father went to work for his father-in-law at the company. Their mother was one of seven children and with none of her siblings having an interest in taking on the family business it fell to Allison and James’s parents. After their grandfather passed away their grandmother kept the business open for another year and a half before ultimately closing.

Fast forward to 1977 and Allison and James’s father decides to open his own business, JMD Plating, which started with a loan from the Small Business Administration to get up and running in Lawrence, MA. Inspired by a long time friend and colleague, Eddie Mistal, their father started by primarily restoring auto parts—chrome bumpers and the like. By the 1980’s the focus shifted to commercial industrial components. In the late 1980’s they were approached by Digital to be a captive provider, which led to purchasing property in Hudson and moving operations there. As Digital downsized in the region, JMD Industries transitioned their focus to the growing manufacturing sector in New England.  JMD is a service provider – taking their clients’ parts, treating them with finishes and getting them ready to ship.

JMD customizes customer products by adding their brand name or logo using silk screening and part stamping. In addition to metal finishing services, JMD also offers product and finish selection consulting, research and custom process design, and assembly and custom packaging.

JMD Industries currently serves customers in all 50 states, as well as Canada and overseas. JMD Industries is dedicated to offering quality metal finishing services in an environmentally sound business model.  Electroplating and finishing providers are generally large consumers of raw materials and energy.  Allison and James believe strongly in doing the right thing when it comes to the environment. They are proactive when it comes to compliance and believe it is the driving force behind positive change. They put considerable energy into “greening up,”, and are actively pursuing options for reducing overall use of raw materials, commodities and energy. For them conservation is paramount and they plan to keep it that way.

The company was built on a foundation of exceptional and consistent quality, fast turn-around and outstanding customer service.  As JMD continues to grow, they are implementing new, and unique to the industry methods of supporting their customers.  All of which would not be possible without a team of dedicated and knowledgeable employees.

Allison and James’s goal is to have JMD be an employer that attracts quality team members and one that people want to work for. Allison oversees human resources – benefits, safety, HR and environmental compliance. James is the president and manages the day to day operations.

They both welcome conversations with other NHBSR members and can be contacted either by phone or email.

James S. DeDeus -, 603-882-3198
Allison Viger-, 603-882-3198

Please help us welcome them to the NHBSR family!




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