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 we_heart_medicus.jpgFEATURING:  Matthew Morrissey, Executive Vice President of Experience and Communication of Medicus Healthcare Solutions.

Medicus Healthcare Solutions has been providing exceptional healthcare staffing throughout the country since 2004. With nearly 350 employees—based in Windham, New Hampshire, with offices in Denver, Colorado, and Houston, Texas—Medicus is one of the fastest-growing companies in the healthcare staffing industry.

The company was founded by three IT tech staffing industry professionals who used their expertise to meet healthcare service providers' uniquely immediate and high stakes staffing needs. Today, Medicus is a nationally recognized, award winning, 200-million-dollar revenue company.

For three consecutive years, Medicus has been at the top of Business NH Magazine’s Best Companies to Work For list. Matthew Morrissey, Executive Vice President of Experience and Communication, attributes this distinction to what he refers to as “The Medicus Experience.” "Throughout the company," says Matt, "we focus on three areas of employee experience: technical, physical environment, and culture." The commitment to technology ensures that its employees have the tools they need to be successful. The physical environment focuses on having a campus that offers multiple appealing workspace options. Lastly, Medicus' culture promotes diversity and inclusion for all employees to feel valued and part of a team.

Each program under The Medicus Experience umbrella is led by an employee-run committee, a by the people and for the people approach. Though these committees are each structured and guided by the company, members have the autonomy to manage and operate within their committee charters. Medicus Fit, for example, organizes gym classes and offerings for employees, while Medicus Cares focuses on charitable corporate initiatives, connecting and developing community volunteering opportunities, and organizing company-wide donations and drives.

Medicus' Green Team was established just this past August and seeks to funnel the company's already environmentally conscious mindset into engaging employees in more sustainable practices. In early December, the committee launched a company-wide initiative to encourage employees to print less and recycle. This committee will also spearhead the Town of Windham’s Rail Trail cleanup efforts and care of a local community garden. "As the Medicus Green Team grows and expands," Matt says, "we want to be able to stand on shoulders of those who've come before us. That is exactly why we joined NHBSR, to learn from other companies in New Hampshire and the positive impacts in the world that they're making. One day we hope to offer similar support for other companies."

You can reach out to Matthew to learn more about Medicus Healthcare Solutions at mmorrissey@medicushcs.com!




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