New Hampshire Clean Energy Principles

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NH Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) and Ceres are pleased to invite you to add your company’s name to a series of principles entitled “Investing in Clean Energy Helps New Hampshire Businesses Thrive.”

By signing this short high-level statement, New Hampshire businesses will demonstrate to policymakers that investing in clean energy is good for the business community. NHBSR and Ceres will leverage this statement to help advance the adoption of policies that support clean energy understanding that a balanced approach will provide a sustainable path for our future success.

There has never been a greater need for state-level leadership to advance clean energy and energy efficiency.  As other states double down on their commitments to promote clean energy, it is essential that New Hampshire embraces this transformative economic opportunity.


Investments in Clean Energy Help New Hampshire Businesses Thrive

As businesses and employers invested in New Hampshire, we believe that transitioning to a clean energy economy will improve our own competitiveness, and our state’s prosperity, health, and security.

  • Energy efficiency and clean energy solutions are essential to our businesses. Strengthening investments in market-driven clean energy programs will help New Hampshire businesses be more competitive and grow our workforce.
  • Clean energy solutions help us protect the beautiful natural resources of our state, our tourism economy, our health and our way of life.
  • Strong state policies to enhance access to energy efficiency and renewable energy will shift our economy away from imported fossil fuels, reduce energy costs and support locally produced clean energy resources—keeping our energy dollars in New Hampshire’s economy.
  • Investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy make us more resilient by reducing exposure to fossil fuel price volatility.
  • Developing clean energy systems and technologies to meet the needs of a changing global economy provides economic opportunities for the businesses and people of our state.

We support policies and legislation that will advance these points and attract innovation and opportunity for our state and our people.


36Creative Garland Mill MicroSpec Corportaiton Saltwater
7th Settlement Brewery GDS Associates, Inc. Mighty Roots Sara Mae Brown Consulting LLC
900 Degrees Pizzeria Global Round Table Leadership


Ski New Hampshire
ABC Energy Savings Good Start Packaging Mt. Washington Auto Road Smuttynose Brewing Company
Admix Grappone Automotive NEMO Equipment Standard Power of America
Alnoba Gravity Group New England NESG Stephenson Strategic Communications
Ashuelot River Hydro, Inc. Great Bay Community College New England Commercial Solar Services Sterndale Strategic
AutoBeGreen Green Energy Options Outdoor Industry Association Stonyfield
Autodesk Hanover Co-op Food Stores P & L Landscaping, LLC Strategic Potential LLC
Bowst Interactive Henry Whipple House Paragon Digital Marketing The Hvizda Team
Bruss Project Management Hannaford Supermarkets Pause, A Mindfulness Practice The McDermott Group at Merrill Lynch
Coca-Cola Bottling of Nothern New England Hypertherm PeopleSense Consulting Throwback Brewery
Concord Food Co-op Image4 Pete & Gerry's Organics Timberland
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Impax Asset Management/Pax World Funds Petersen Engineering TRC
Eastern Bank Jupiter Hall, LLC Portsmouth Brewery Tupelo Music Hall


John Benford Photography Post & Beam Brewery Velcro Companies
Froling Energy LighTec, Inc. Prism Energy Services Wire Belt Company of America
Gale River Motel Littleton Food Co-op ReVision Energy Worthen Industries
Great Glen Trails Lucky & Me


W.S. Badger and Co.
Green Alliance MegaFood, Inc. Ridgeview Construction

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