Spring Conference



May 4th, 2022 


8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Grappone Conference Center, Concord, NH

  Our spring conferences are designed to appeal to businesses across the spectrum of sustainable/socially responsible business operations, allowing the 300+ attendees from large and small companies alike to find the perfect opportunity to learn and share best practices.

Recent conferences have highlighted networking as a means for connecting and sparking collaboration. There will be many opportunities throughout the event for attendees to connect and engage with each other. 

We hope that you will join us for this event of inspiration, ideas, connection and collaboration.


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As we face the challenges ahead, there is a lot that needs to be addressed and in an accelerated manner. A sustainable future for New Hampshire is possible but only if we unite on purpose, build common ground, and work efficiently and inclusively on innovative solutions. We need to rise to these challenges, we need to do so together. Who is missing in this effort and how do we bring everyone to the table? How do we engage our internal and external stakeholders? We share proven sustainability strategies, tactics, and approaches that will inspire professionals to drive and grow their own goals for environmental, workplace, community impact and engagement.  Ready to take action?






Conference Background:

NHBSR hosts an annual Spring Conference in May that explores corporate social responsibility (CSR) as it relates to the workplace, community, and environment. The conference features a prominent, respected thought leader in the world of CSR as an opening keynote address, a series of educational workshops and panels, and CSR discussion circles during lunch. Networking is also a key element to the day, allowing a space for elevated discussion between like-minded businesses around key issues surrounding social responsibility.

"I was blown away by the innovation and inspiration that each speaker embodied. It really bolstered my confidence in New Hampshire's fight for sustainability. Well done! I especially loved that each day started with mindfulness and meditation. What an excellent way to prime everyone for new ideas!"  ~Jamie Green, Hypertherm