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New Ceres Report Calls on Corporate Boards to Oversee Sustainability Risks As Global Climate and Water Crises Worsen

Mon, 11/25/2019 - 6:53pm

A new report released today by the nonprofit organization Ceres calls on corporate boards to systematically and explicitly oversee environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks in order to keep their businesses resilient in the face of growing global climate and water crises.

As climate-fueled wildfires and power outages continue to devastate California, the world’s fifth largest economy, and extreme floods and rising sea levels inundate communities in Texas, Louisiana and other U.S. states, the financial risks to business performance are clearer than ever. Rising greenhouse gas emissions continue to warm the planet at a rapid rate and scientists warn that if average global temperatures rise above 1.5 degrees Celsius, then the worst effects of climate change will be irreversible. 

In the face of these ominous developments, ESG risks are increasingly landing on board agendas as their companies face ESG-related investor engagement and employee walkouts. Ceres’ new report, titled Running the Risk: How Corporate Boards Can Oversee Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Issues, argues that the role of the board is critical in overseeing ESG risks in order to avoid potential financial losses, investor pressure, or litigation. The report provides practical recommendations and identifies leading practices for corporate directors on how they can systematically oversee the risks posed by a range of issues such as climate change, water shortages, and human rights violations.

“Climate change, water insecurity and other ESG risks are becoming top concerns for the business community,” said Jane Nelson, director of the corporate responsibility initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School and a board member of Newmont Goldcorp. “It is imperative that corporate boards are equipped with the information and know-how to help their companies mitigate these risks. Running the Risk is a valuable, practical tool for today’s boards.” 

Running the Risk identifies three main categories where corporate board directors can integrate ESG factors into their risk oversight role:

  • Identification: Boards should ensure that management consults a range of sources to identify ESG factors that could affect corporate performance and value, and integrate identified ESG risks into the company’s Enterprise Risk Management process.

  • Assessment: If ESG risks are identified, boards should ensure that management appropriately assesses and prioritizes them for board attention on those deemed material.  

  • Action: Boards can take a number of steps to mitigate the potential material impact of ESG risks identified, including adapting business strategy and holding executives accountable for performance against these risks. Also, boards can structure themselves in ways that allow the most effective and systematic ESG oversight.

“Running the Risk helps boards evaluate the constantly-evolving ESG risk landscape by providing practical tools to help identify, assess and mitigate risks - like knowing which questions boards should ask management and offering examples of how other companies have managed ESG risks,” said Dan Hesse, board member at PNC Financial and Akamai and former President and CEO of Sprint Corp.

To develop the report’s recommendations and findings, Ceres conducted in-depth interviews with more than two dozen experts including corporate directors, executives and governance experts. The report builds on other Ceres’ reports View from the Top: How Corporate Boards Can Engage on Sustainability Performance, which focuses on board structure, and Lead from the Top: Building Sustainability Competence on Corporate Boards, which discusses ways to build a board’s fluency on ESG risks.

"Companies cannot truly create value without an understanding of risks facing the business, especially risks that are challenging to measure such as those posed by ESG issues,” said Veena Ramani, Senior Program Director of Ceres’ Capital Markets Systems program. “Running the Risk specifically identifies how boards can strengthen their companies' resilience to ESG risks.”

Ramani added, “Given ESG risks will continue to impact business performance, Running the Risk moves the conversation beyond whether a board should oversee these issues to how a board should oversee these risks. Corporate boards in the 21st century need to equip themselves with information on best practices for this ever more important area of oversight.”

Download the full report here.

Rox Opens World’s First Multidisciplinary Research and Training Institute Focused on Girls

Mon, 11/25/2019 - 6:53pm

Ruling Our eXperiences, Inc. (ROX), today announced the grand opening of the ROX Institute, a multidisciplinary research and training institute that is focused on girls, located in Columbus, OH. Courses are designed for parents, guardians and mentors, and address the complex needs of today’s girls through targeted programs and educational content that enables adults to make data-informed decisions when raising, teaching, mentoring and caring for girls.

In 2017, ROX executed the first-ever, large-scale national survey designed to develop a deeper understanding of the thoughts, experiences, perceptions, beliefs, behaviors and attitudes of teen girls throughout the United States. The Girls’ Index analyzed responses from 10,000+ U.S. girls. Learnings from this research have been instrumental in the creation of the ROX Institute programming, helping to ensure that insights are timely and take into account the current needs and priorities of teen girls.

“Our research from The Girls’ Index illuminated the fact that adolescent years are fraught with challenges for girls. They experience a 26% drop in self-confidence, increased levels of stress and pressure and restricted academic and career aspirations,” said Dr. Lisa Hinkelman, Founder and CEO of ROX. “Working directly with girls is key to changing this reality; however, we must also equip the adults in girls’ lives to have more effective and empowering interactions with girls.”

ROX believes that any successful society has a responsibility to amplify girls’ voices and a commitment to use data to make the world better for girls. The ROX Institute for Research and Training provides the infrastructure to systematically educate adults who want to be more aware, empowering and supportive of the girls in their lives.

The facility’s opening is supported by a lead gift from Alliance Data, a marketing and loyalty company that delivers value through branded credit programs for many of the world’s most recognizable brands. “The ROX Institute is a wonderful example of our belief that the power of data generates immense value not only in our business, but also in transforming our communities for the better,” said Jami Dewolf, Chief Marketing Officer for Alliance Data’s card services business. “As a lead sponsor of the ROX Institute, Alliance Data is deeply committed to giving back to the communities where we live and work, and we are proud to see our investment in ROX continue to drive positive change for girls around the world.”

The ROX Institute for Research and Training will:

  • Provide continuing education courses (CEU’s) for licensed professionals who work with girls, including: teachers, counselors, social workers, physicians, attorneys, etc.

  • Conduct and disseminate innovative research focused on girls

  • Equip parents, caregivers, mentors and youth workers with tools to create empowering, supportive and effective environments for girls

  • Deliver in-person and virtual content workshops, programs and courses

As a multi-year supporter of the Institute, Battelle CEO, Lou Von Thaer stated, “We’re proud to invest in the ROX Institute. We know that if we don’t inspire the girls of today to be the innovators and problem solvers of tomorrow, then we are missing out on talent. More importantly, we support ROX because we know it is not enough to say, ‘Where are all the female leaders?’ We must be the ones who help cultivate them.”

Dr. Keisha Siriboe joins the team at ROX World Headquarters as the inaugural Director of the ROX Institute for Research and Training. Dr. Siriboe will work alongside ROX Founder, Dr. Hinkelman to support the ROX Institute and its work to connect innovative research to practice in accessible, timely and impactful ways. Dr. Siriboe is a globally respected scholar, researcher and international advocate of education and student leadership development and previously served as the Director of Content and Programming at Reading is Fundamental in Washington DC.

The creation of the ROX Institute for Research and Training was made possible by founding partners Alliance Data, Battelle, The Columbus Foundation, Huntington National Bank, L Brands and Thirty-One Gifts. Course offerings and calendars will be available at roxinstitute.org beginning in early 2020.

About Ruling Our eXperiences, Inc.

Ruling Our eXperiences, Inc. (ROX) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Emerging from a 2006-2011 faculty research study at The Ohio State

University, the mission of ROX is to create generations of confident girls who can control their own relationships, experiences, decisions and futures. ROX utilizes research and evidence-based programming to simultaneously impact girls, educate and support the adult influencers in girls' lives and improve the societal conditions that have the potential to negatively impact girls. For more information about ROX programming, visit >www.rulingourexperiences.org.

For more information about The ROX Institute for Research & Training, visit https://rulingourexperiences.com/the-rox-research-training-institute.

About Dr. Keisha Siriboe

Dr. Keisha Siriboe is a scholar, researcher, and international advocate of education and student leadership development. Dr. Siriboe joins the ROX team from Washington, D.C. to serve as the inaugural Director of the ROX Institute. Through her TEDx talks, international conference lectures, research, and programmatic work, she brings a diverse perspective to educational research and leadership development. As the first African-American to earn a master’s from Beijing Normal University in Beijing, China and the first African-American to earn a Ph.D. from the University of Hong Kong, Dr. Siriboe is a globally respected scholar with several academic awards to her name. She has served in leadership capacities with the American Education Research Association (AERA) and with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Education 2030 Project.


Lauren Hancock, Director of Operations

Ruling Our eXperiences, Inc. (ROX)

614-488-8080 x5


Northern Oregon Homeownership to Get $7.1 Million Boost

Mon, 11/25/2019 - 6:53pm

Wells Fargo and Company (NYSE: WFC), NeighborWorks® America, and its network member Portland Housing Center today announced the NeighborhoodLIFT program will expand to the city of Portland and Multnomah County this December. With a $7.1 million philanthropic commitment by the Wells Fargo Foundation, the NeighborhoodLIFT program will create more than 270 homeowners by offering $20,000 down payment assistance grants that require completion of HUD-certified homebuyer education.

The NeighborhoodLIFT program for the city of Portland and Multnomah County follows Wells Fargo’s announcement in June of an evolution in the company’s philanthropic strategy, which includes a $1 billion commitment over the next six years to address the U.S. housing affordability crisis. This marks the 78th LIFT program launch since 2012. Wells Fargo has committed more than $500 million to NeighborhoodLIFT and other LIFT programs since its inception that have assisted more than 22,500 homeowners, including 259 homeowners from the 2013 Portland NeighborhoodLIFT program.

“The NeighborhoodLIFT program is a terrific example of our commitment to Portland and Multnomah County and our efforts to bring housing affordability solutions to communities across the U.S.,” said Tracy Curtis, Wells Fargo Northern Oregon region bank president. “The program will help hardworking local families and individuals get on the path to achieve successful and sustainable homeownership.”

Free NeighborhoodLIFT event scheduled Dec. 13–14

Two hundred appointments are available for interested homebuyers who may register beginning Monday, Nov. 25, at 9 a.m. at www.wellsfargo.com/lift to attend the free event scheduled for Friday, Dec. 13, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturday, Dec. 14, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Portland Expo Center, located at 2060 N. Marine Drive., Portland. Walk-ins also are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis while grants are available for reservation. Portland Housing Center will determine eligibility and administer the $20,000 down payment assistance grants.

To be eligible, annual incomes must not exceed 100% of the local area median income, which is $87,900 for an individual up to a family of four in the city of Portland and Multnomah County. In addition, there are special parameters for veterans and service members, teachers, law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians, who may reserve $22,500 down payment assistance grants.

“This innovative collaboration is critical to creating more affordable and sustainable housing opportunities in Portland and Multnomah County,” said Lisa Hasegawa, regional vice president, western region, NeighborWorks America. “The required homebuyer education classes provided by certified professionals better prepare NeighborhoodLIFT homebuyers to achieve their goal of sustainable homeownership.”

Approved homebuyers will have up to 60 days to finalize a contract to purchase a home in the city of Portland of Multnomah County and can obtain mortgage financing from any participating lender, as mortgage purchase loans made through NeighborhoodLIFT program are not exclusive to Wells Fargo. To reserve the full grant amount, participants buying a primary residence with the NeighborhoodLIFT program must commit to live in the home for five years.

“We’re delighted to once again join the effort to bring the NeighborhoodLIFT program to Portland and Multnomah County that will provide homebuyer education and down payment assistance to help families achieve the dream of homeownership,” said Peg Malloy, executive director of the Portland Housing Center. “We are pleased to team with Wells Fargo and NeighborWorks America to make homeownership more affordable, achievable and sustainable.”

NeighborhoodLIFT local initiative grants to support neighborhood revitalization, beautification and complimentary credit counseling

As part of the NeighborhoodLIFT program for the city of Portland and Multnomah County, the Wells Fargo Foundation will provide $825,000 in grants to support housing affordability solutions, including:

  • $400,000 in NeighborhoodLIFT local initiative grants to support housing affordability with nonprofits Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives, Inc. ($150,000), Rosewood Initiative ($100,000), Hacienda Community Development Corporation ($50,000), Portland Homeless Family Solutions ($50,000) and Urban League of Portland ($50,000) each receiving grants.

  • $100,000 in “LIFT the Block” grants and Wells Fargo volunteer efforts in collaboration with nonprofits focused on neighborhood beautification. With this effort, an $80,000 grant will be made to Active Children Portland to support the construction of Kirk Park Playground in Gresham, and a $20,000 grant will be presented to Asian Pacific American Network of Portland that will support repairs and upgrades to Harrison Park.

  • $325,000 for NeighborhoodLIFT Home Ownership Counseling grants, which will provide up to 650 interested homebuyers an opportunity for complimentary face-to-face credit counseling by participating HUD-approved agencies. The Home Ownership Counseling grants are an additional resource and do not meet the homebuyer education requirement for NeighborhoodLIFT program down payment assistance grants.

A video about the NeighborhoodLIFT program is posted on Wells Fargo Stories.

About Portland Housing Center and NeighborWorks America

Portland Housing Center is a chartered member of NeighborWorks America, a national organization that creates opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives and strengthen their communities. NeighborWorks America supports a network of more than 245 nonprofits, located in every state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Visit https://portlandhousingcenter.org or www.neighborworks.org to learn more.

About Wells Fargo

Founded in 1852 and headquartered in San Francisco, Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) provides banking, investment and mortgage products and services, as well as consumer and commercial finance, through 7,500 locations, more than 13,000 ATMs, and the internet (wellsfargo.com). With approximately 261,000 team members, Wells Fargo serves one in three households in the United States. With its corporate philanthropy, Wells Fargo aims to pave a path to stability and financial success for underserved communities by focusing on housing affordability, small business growth, and financial health, among other local community needs. In 2018, Wells Fargo donated $444 million to nearly 11,000 nonprofits. For 10 consecutive years, Wells Fargo has held the honor of No. 1 in workplace giving by United Way Worldwide. Wells Fargo team members also actively support communities by donating more than 2 million hours of volunteer time in the last year. News, insights and more information on the company’s overall corporate responsibility are available at Wells Fargo Stories and www.wellsfargo.com/impact.  

Subaru of America Finds Homes for Pets in Need During 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show

Mon, 11/25/2019 - 6:53pm

Subaru of America, Inc. today announced it will be hosting a pet adoption event during the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show through a partnership with several local animal shelters. The event, which will take place at the Subaru exhibit inside the LA Convention Center, seeks to unite pets with their forever homes.

To facilitate the exhibit, Subaru has partnered with five shelters from the Los Angeles area: Our Family Paws RescueGerman Shepherd Rescue Orange CountyLos Angeles Animal ServicesWestside German Shepherd Rescue and Fur Baby Rescue. Shelter partners will alternate their presence daily throughout the 10 daylong event.

“At Subaru, we look forward to opportunities that help our furry friends in need, and we want to return the unconditional love they show us each day,” said Alan Bethke, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Subaru of America, Inc. “We saw great success with our pet adoption events last year, so we wanted to not only sustain, but build upon, that momentum to help even more pets unite with a loving lifetime companion.”

Auto show attendees will be able to interact with the adorable pets from the five partnering shelters during select times and dates, as outlined below:

  • Friday, November 22, 11am to 4pm – Our Family Paws Rescue

  • Saturday, November 23, 11am to 3pm – German Shepherd Rescue Orange County

  • Sunday, November 24, 11am to 3pm – German Shepherd Rescue Orange County

  • Monday, November 25, 11am to 4pm – Our Family Paws Rescue

  • Tuesday, November 26, 11am to 4pm – Our Family Paws Rescue

  • Wednesday, November 27, 11am to 4pm – Los Angeles Animal Services

  • Thursday, November 28, 8am to 4pm – Westside German Shepherd Rescue

  • Friday, November 29, 11am to 4pm – Fur Baby Rescue

  • Saturday, November 30, 11am to 3pm – German Shepherd Rescue Orange County

  • Sunday, December 1, 11am to 3pm – German Shepherd Rescue Orange County

All adopters are subject to standard guidelines and procedures. Prospective adopters should bring with them a photo ID.

This Los Angeles Auto Show adoption event is a part of the Subaru Loves Pets initiative, which is dedicated to helping improve the safety and well-being of animals in communities nationwide. The automaker’s commitment to pets is one part of its Love Promise company vision. For more information about Subaru Loves Pets, please visit www.subaru.com/pets.

About Subaru Love Promise
The Subaru Love Promise is our vision to show love and respect to all people at every interaction with Subaru. Together with our retailers, we are dedicated to making the world a better place.

About Subaru of America, Inc.
Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Subaru Corporation of Japan. Headquartered at a zero-landfill office in Camden, N.J., the company markets and distributes Subaru vehicles, parts and accessories through a network of more than 630 retailers across the United States. All Subaru products are manufactured in zero-landfill production plants and Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. is the only U.S. automobile production plant to be designated a backyard wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. SOA is guided by the Subaru Love Promise, which is the company’s vision to show love and respect to everyone, and to support its communities and customers nationwide. Over the past 20 years, SOA has donated more than $165 million to causes the Subaru family cares about, and its employees have logged more than 40,000 volunteer hours. As a company, Subaru believes it is important to do its part in making a positive impact in the world because it is the right thing to do.

For additional information visit media.subaru.com. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram




Dominick Infante +1 (856) 488-8615 dinfante@subaru.com Director, Corporate Communications Diane Anton +1 (856) 488-5093 danton@subaru.com Corporate Communications Manager

#Where Is the Toilet?

Mon, 11/25/2019 - 6:53pm

 “Where is the toilet?” Every November 19th on World Toilet Day, LIXIL’s employees think about this question in a different way.

Many of us in developed countries often expect a simple answer. But the reality is that for 2 billion people, there is no straightforward response to this simple question. They do not have access to basic sanitation.

On World Toilet Day, LIXIL now aims to drive even further awareness of this critical issue through its own social media awareness campaign: #whereisthetoilet.

The cost of poor sanitation is a heavy one to bear for families and developing economies. Approximately 800 children under the age of five die every day due to diarrheal diseases caused by unsanitary conditions. The number remains the same since 2016, and poor sanitation cost the world $230 billion in 2015[1]. 

The problem is so significant that the UN made achieving equitable sanitation and hygiene for all by 2030 one of its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As part of LIXIL’s own sustainability goals, it is now committed to improving the livelihood of 100 million people through improved hygiene and sanitation by 2025. The company believes that toilets can change lives, and as a major global maker of toilets and bathroom products, it can help tackle this problem. 

“One out of every three people in the world today live without access to proper sanitation.” said Troy Benavidez, LIXIL Americas, vice president, public affairs. “With our SATO products, we have been able to assist 15 million people around the world to provide them access to basic sanitation.”

Originally developed by a team of engineers at LIXIL’s American Standard, LIXIL’s SATO toilet system offer an affordable and aspirational option for consumers who live in areas that sewers may not ever reach. By October 2019, approximately 3 million SATO toilet pans and stools have been installed in 27 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, propelled by a business model that also creates a sanitation economy.

LIXIL’s SATO social enterprise is also accelerating its business initiatives; in the first half of FYE2020 (April 2019 – Sept 2019), SATO shipped nearly 420,000 units reaching an estimated 2.1 million additional people, through a make-sell-use model that has contributed to local job creation.

LIXIL’s SATO social enterprise has further strengthened its brand and will be launching pilot projects in Indonesia and the Philippines, expanding its portfolio to reach many who need basic sanitation. Unlike standard product donations, LIXIL believes that enticing consumers through the availability of an attractive product, and creating jobs that benefit the individual and community, will help ensure their longer-term use. 

But according to Jin Montesano, LIXIL, chief public affairs officer, there is still a lot of work to do. “It’s World Toilet Day again, but over a quarter of the world’s population still doesn’t have access to safe and clean toilets. As we are proving with SATO in Bangladesh, it is possible to achieve both financial and social targets at the same time. There is an immense opportunity to help solve the global sanitation challenge. We – together with all of our stakeholders – still have a long way to go, but hopefully someday soon, everyone can answer that one simple question: where is the toilet?”

[1]Source: The True Cost of Poor Sanitation: https://www.lixil.com/en/sustainability/pdf/the_true_cost_of_poor_sanitation_e.pdf

[2] Calculated on the assumption there is an average of five users for every SATO unit shipped

Tricia Ryan
Dan Kurpick
BML Public Relations
For LIXIL Americas - American Standard, DXV, GROHE

LIXIL’s Corporate Responsibility
LIXIL is committed to making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere, and to pursuing the growth of its business through responsible and sustainable innovations. Aligning its business and CR strategies, “Global Sanitation and Hygiene,” “Water Conservation & Environmental Sustainability,” and “Diversity & Inclusion” form what it calls its three strategic CR pillars. These are the fields in which LIXIL strives to make its biggest positive impact on society, while contributing to global efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Goals (SDGs).

LIXIL makes pioneering water and housing products that solve everyday, real-life challenges, making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere. Drawing on our Japanese heritage, we create world-leading technology and innovate to make high quality products that transform homes. But the LIXIL difference is how we do this; through meaningful design, an entrepreneurial spirit, a dedication to improving accessibility for all, and responsible business growth. Our approach comes to life through industry leading brands, including INAX, GROHE, American Standard, and TOSTEM, [as well as specialty brands such as DXV]. Over 75,000 colleagues operating in more than 150 countries are proud to make products that touch the lives of more than a billion people every day.

Learn more at www.lixil.com and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn

Rock Canyon Coffee Certified by Green-e®, Switches to 100% Clean Energy

Mon, 11/25/2019 - 3:53pm

Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) today announced that Basalt, CO–based Rock Canyon Coffee Roasters is certified by Green-e® Marketplace after switching 100% of its operations to clean, renewable energy. The renewable energy certificates purchased by the company were provided by Native Energy and sourced from wind facilities located throughout the U.S. Rock Canyon Coffee is an award-winning coffee roastery that can be found online at rockcanyoncoffee.com and on the shelves at Whole Foods Market stores throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. Rock Canyon also specializes in customizing business-to-business wholesale partnerships for cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

“Rock Canyon is demonstrating its leadership in the coffee industry by reducing its environmental footprint throughout its operations—including its electricity use," said Jennifer Martin, executive director of Center for Resource Solutions, which administers the Green-e® renewable energy certification program. "Rock Canyon’s commitment to growing sustainably is the right path to take for itself and its customers, and we’re proud to welcome them into the Green-e® program.”

By powering its operations with renewable energy, Rock Canyon Coffee is taking real action to reduce the impact of its energy use. Electricity generated from renewable sources results in less environmental waste and pollution and displaces other non-renewable sources from the electric grid. The company's purchase of electricity created from nearly emissions-free renewable sources avoids carbon dioxide and other pollutants and serves to build the market for renewable energy nationwide, increasing incentives for developing new facilities. In 2018, renewable energy accounted for about ten percent of total electricity generation nationwide.

“Our goal is to participate in developing the culture of climate activism by setting an example for responsible practices as we scale our business. Using 100% Green-e® certified renewable electricity for our operations company-wide is a very important step on that path,” said John Farrell, owner of Rock Canyon Coffee. “We’ve also invested in and will continue to invest in carbon credits through the Colorado Carbon Fund to neutralize the total impact of our onsite natural gas consumption as well as emissions associated with our local distribution network.”

Renewable energy purchased by Rock Canyon Coffee Roasters through Native Energy is certified by Green-e® Energy, the leading renewable energy certification program in the nation. Green-e® Energy provides independent, third-party certification to ensure renewable energy products meet strict environmental and consumer protection standards, including being sourced from verified, new facilities; not being double-counted towards any state's renewable energy goal; and being retired on behalf of the purchaser. Every Green-e® Marketplace participant undergoes an annual verification audit to document that it has purchased enough certified renewable energy to meet its annual commitment.

About Rock Canyon Coffee Roasters

Established in 2012, Rock Canyon Coffee is a roasting company tucked away in the mountains of Colorado that specializes in roasting premium coffee beans from around the world. “Never Bitter, Never Burned”™ is the company’s guiding principle,” said Farrell. “While it sums up our approach to coffee roasting, the principle also speaks more generally to the culture at Rock Canyon. It’s a reminder to celebrate positivity—never bitter—and to be mindful of our climate—never burned.” Rock Canyon believes it’s important to give consumers the opportunity to enjoy a coffee that exceeds expectations in both quality and environmental stewardship.

Rock Canyon Coffee is available to customers online at rockcanyoncoffee.com and at Whole Foods Market stores throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.

About Green-e® and Center for Resource Solutions

Green-e® is the trusted global leader in clean energy and carbon offset certification. We make it easy for businesses and individuals to purchase verified clean energy with confidence, and for consumers to choose sustainable products and services. We advocate for the advancement of clean energy policy, markets, and technology, and believe in their economic and environmental benefits. By working together, we are powering a renewable future. Since 1997, Green-e® has been a program of the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions, based in San Francisco, CA. To learn more about Green-e® certified products and programs available in North America, visit www.green-e.org.

Baker Hughes Joins UN Global Compact in Support of Universal Sustainability Principles

Mon, 11/25/2019 - 9:52am

Baker Hughes (NYSE: BKR) announced today it has become a participant of the UN’s Global Compact initiative – a voluntary leadership platform for the development, implementation and disclosure of responsible business practices. Baker Hughes takes a leadership position in its sector by making this commitment.

In joining the UN Global Compact, Baker Hughes commits to supporting and reporting its progress toward the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, as well as their 17 Sustainable Development Goals.   

“At Baker Hughes, we believe that the energy industry has an important role to play in addressing the world’s greatest challenges,” Lorenzo Simonelli, chairman, president and CEO, said. “We are committed to doing our part to stand in collaboration with leading global companies, organizations and governments to progress shared goals for people and the planet.”

As an energy technology company, Baker Hughes has committed to a variety of leadership programs focused on advancing corporate responsibility across the scope and scale of its global operations and supply chain.  This includes commitments to ethical business practices, universal human rights and environmental stewardship, as described in our 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report. 

For example, in the area of environment, the company has publicly committed to reducing its carbon equivalent emissions 50 percent by 2030 and to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. The company already has reduced its carbon equivalent emissions by 34 percent since 2012 and is investing in and deploying technology to help its energy and industrial customers reduce their emissions from flaring, venting, fugitive emissions and combustion.    

Learn more about Baker Hughes’ broader corporate responsibility commitments as part of its people, planet and principles framework here.

About Baker Hughes:
Baker Hughes (NYSE: BKR) is an energy technology company that provides solutions to energy and industrial customers worldwide. Built on a century of experience and with operations in over 120 countries, our innovative technologies and services are taking energy forward – making it safer, cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Visit us at www.bakerhughes.com.

About UN Global Compact:
As a special initiative of the UN Secretary-General, the United Nations Global Compact works with companies everywhere to align their operations and strategies with ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Launched in 2000, the UN Global Compact guides and supports the global business community in advancing UN goals and values through responsible corporate practices. With more than 9,500 companies and 3,000 non-business signatories based in over 160 countries, and more than 60 Local Networks, it is the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world. For more information, follow @globalcompact on social media and visit our website at www.unglobalcompact.org.


ROI Institute Inc. Is Conducting Research on the State of Corporate Social Responsibility

Fri, 11/22/2019 - 12:45pm

In 1981, members of the Business Roundtable, with the help of corporate-governance guru, Ira Millstein, wrote a “Statement on Corporate Responsibility” that argued “the long-term viability of the business sector is linked to its responsibility to the society of which it is a part.” According to a November 15, 2019 article in The Wall Street Journal, that idea lasted until 1997, when members shifted to a shareholder-first mindset. Today, corporate leaders are shifting back to a socially responsible doctrine. This shift highlights the need for organization leaders to examine CSR trends and establish a roadmap for the future. 

ROI Institute, Inc. is undertaking a project to do just that – assess the current CSR trends of corporations, work to demonstrate the impact and value of CSR programs and initiatives, establish a roadmap for the future, and help other organizations do the same. To help accomplish this task, we are fielding a survey targeting CSR leaders of U.S. organizations.

Please participate in this important research. Survey completion will take approximately 10 minutes. By completing this survey, you will be among the first to receive a summary copy of results and will receive a free copy of Value for Money: How to Show the Value for Money for All Types of Projects and Programs in Governments, Nongovernmental Organizations, Nonprofits, and Businesses (Wiley, 2020).  

To access the survey, please click here.

ascena retail group Raised $6.2 Million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Fri, 11/22/2019 - 12:45pm

(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - ascena retail group, inc. (Nasdaq: ASNA) announced today that through its retail brands, it has raised a total of $6.2 million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October of this year. Since 2005, the company and its brands have funded over $50 million in critical breast cancer research, making it BCRF’s top fashion donor.

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, several of ascena retail group’s brands activated fundraising campaigns and special collections to help raise funds for BCRF. Ann Taylor and LOFT offered Cares Cards, which gave clients special discounts while giving 90 percent of the cards’ purchase price to BCRF. Lou & Grey collaborated with artist Robin Browne to create two t-shirts with 50 percent of the proceeds being donated to BCRF. New this year, Ann Taylor sold a limited-edition silk scarf collection with 90 percent of the proceeds benefitting BCRF, and LOFT offered a capsule collection of shirts, with $5 of the purchase price benefitting BCRF.

Taking their commitment to the next level, the design team at Lane Bryant’s Cacique Intimates worked diligently with top cancer doctors and hospitals to specially design mastectomy bras, designed with extreme care and medical research. Additionally, Lane Bryant and Catherines offered a BCRF-dedicated collection of intimates, activewear, and accessories, with 10 percent of the purchase price of each item in the collection going to BCRF.

“As an organization, we are committed to our longstanding partnership with BCRF,” said Gary Muto, Chief Executive Officer of ascena retail group, inc. “Thanks to the generosity of our clients and the dedication of our associates, we are able to help fund meaningful research for those impacted by breast cancer.”

The company’s support of BCRF has contributed to significant progress in advancing research in breast cancer cause and prevention, developing new treatments and diagnostic tests and quality of life research. Through its brands, ascena retail group aims to fund 1.2 million research hours by 2022 as part of the company’s commitment to raise and contribute $250 million by 2025 in support of women and girls around the globe.

“Since 2005, ascena retail group has been critical to funding lifesaving research that is seeking to unravel the mystery of breast cancer: why it occurs, how to treat it and ways to prevent it from happening in the first place,” said Myra Biblowit, BCRF President & CEO. “By supporting the highest rated breast cancer organization in the country, ascena retail group has played an important role in propelling breast cancer research forward, toward new preventative and treatment options at a faster speed than ever before.”

To learn more about ascena retail group’s fight against breast cancer and their work to amplify their impact in support of women and girls, visit: https://www.ascenaretail.com/our-company/responsibility/.

About ascena retail group, inc.
ascena retail group, inc. (Nasdaq: ASNA) is a national specialty retailer offering apparel, shoes, and accessories for women under the Premium Fashion (Ann Taylor, LOFT, and Lou & Grey), Plus Fashion (Lane Bryant, Catherines and Cacique), and Value Fashion (Dressbarn) segments, and for tween girls under the Kids Fashion segment (Justice). ascena retail group, inc. through its retail brands operates ecommerce websites and approximately 3,400 stores throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

For more information about ascena retail group, inc. visit: ascenaretail.com, AnnTaylor.com, factory.anntaylor.com, LOFT.com, outlet.loft.com, louandgrey.com, lanebryant.com, Catherines.com, Dressbarn.com, and shopjustice.com.

About the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) is dedicated to being the end of breast cancer by advancing the world's most promising research. Founded by Evelyn H. Lauder in 1993, BCRF-funded investigators have been deeply involved in every major breakthrough in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and metastasis. This year, BCRF has awarded $66 million in grants to support the work of nearly 275 scientists at leading medical and academic institutions across 14 countries, making BCRF the largest private funder of breast cancer research worldwide. BCRF is also the highest-rated breast cancer organization in the U.S. Visit www.bcrf.org to learn more.

Kathrine Dela
Email: kathrine_dela@anninc.com

Kathrine Dela
Email: kathrine_dela@anninc.com

Innovations in Social Impact Measurement Symposium

Fri, 11/22/2019 - 12:45pm
Innovations in Social Impact Measurement Symposium

Your company is dedicating time and resources to be a responsible corporate citizen. Are those efforts working? Are they having an impact? Does anyone care if they are or aren't? How do you communicate the importance of measurement to stakeholders who don't see the value, and how do you communicate your impact to those who do?

We're bringing together corporate social responsibility and social impact measurement experts to grapple with these questions and more at our upcoming Innovations in Social Impact Measurement Symposium in San Francisco. The symposium will consist of a keynote speaker, panel discussions, and a skills development workshop where we will explore simple and effective ways to improve impact measurement for your organization's CSR programming.

Register now to join the discussion and network with fellow corporate responsibility and social impact professionals. We're looking forward to seeing you there! Lunch and mingling provided.

Date and Time
Thu, September 19, 2019
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM PDT

Marines' Memorial Club & Hotel
609 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Early-Bird Registration (available until Aug. 15th): $95
Standard Registration: $130

Our Innovations in Social Impact Measurement Symposium will include:

Panel Discussions

Our panelists will tackle questions like:

  • How do you mainstream impact measurement into your business plan?
  • When in the project life cycle do you begin measurement planning?
  • What are the current trends in social impact measurement?
  • What does the future hold in terms of how we measure social impact?

Skills Development Workshop

You will be given tools and learn skills for:

  • Measuring Social Return on Investment
  • Pre-Design, Design, and Implementation of Social Impact Measurement
  • Adapting SIM tools/templates to your needs and projects

Points of Light Honors St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Volunteer with Daily Point of Light on 30th Anniversary of Award

Fri, 11/22/2019 - 9:45am

 Points of Light, a global nonprofit dedicated to accelerating people-powered change, is honoring Jason Farmer, a Memphis, Tennessee volunteer for ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®, with the Daily Point of Light Award on the 30th anniversary of the first award.

Farmer has supported St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital all of his life. He was a part of the early childhood assistance program in the 1970s sponsored by St. Jude in the Memphis-area and never forgot its support. About five years ago, he helped conceptualize and launch an annual event in Memphis during Black History Month called the St. Jude Spirit of the Dream to celebrate the achievements of African Americans who also support its lifesaving mission: Finding cures. Saving children.® This year Farmer is vice chair of the Memphis event committee, leading fundraising efforts by securing sponsorships and individual donor support. He also helped launch a similar event in Nashville in 2019.

The Daily Point of Light Award honors individuals who are creating meaningful change in communities; efforts which often lead to long-terms solutions and impact social problems in their local communities. Founded by President George H.W. Bush, the very first Daily Point of Light Award was presented on Nov. 22, 1989, to The Commercial Appeal, a Memphis newspaper that published a series of stories on local “points of light,” volunteers in the Southern United States.

At the event honoring The Commercial Appeal, President Bush said:

“We are nearing the dawn of a new decade. And so let it be a decade with no dark corners, no forgotten people, no forgotten place.

So, if you've got a hammer, find a nail. If you can read, find someone who can't. If you're well, do it like the volunteers I just saw at St. Jude: Help someone who isn't well. If you're not troubled, seek out someone who is.

Because everywhere there is a need in America, there is a way to fill it. And everywhere there is a dream in America, there is a way to make it come true.”

“At Points of Light, we applaud individuals who step up in their communities, take action, and work with others to solve problems, like Jason Farmer,” said Natalye Paquin, president and CEO, Points of Light. “When our founder, President George H.W. Bush, came to Memphis 30 years ago today, he didn’t know the lasting impact that first Daily Point of Light Award would have. Today, we’re a global organization committed to harnessing the power of people to take action and make a positive impact in the world. We’re honored to return to Memphis and honor Jason Farmer with Daily Point of Light Award No. 6,656 for his lifelong commitment to serving St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and being a leader in his community, and inspiring others to do the same.”

“Jason Farmer demonstrates the powerful impact one individual can have on the world when applying heart and tenacity of purpose to making a difference,” said Richard Shadyac Jr., president and CEO of ALSAC, the fundraising and awareness organization for St. Jude. “I applaud Jason for this tremendous honor from Points of Light and express my deep gratitude for his lifelong support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. As a native Memphian, Jason’s story of triumph over hardship parallels our own origin story. Danny Thomas never wavered even as naysayers doubted his dream to open a research hospital in pursuit of cures to save ‘all’ children with childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. We appreciate the courageous leadership journey exemplified by Jason in the military, business community and nonprofit sector and hope his story inspires future generations to discover the rewards of volunteering.”

Three decades after the first Daily Point of Light was awarded, Points of Light continues the recognition each weekday with more than 6,500 honorees to date. In partnership with Points of Light, the United Kingdom Prime Minister’s office launched a Point of Light Award program in 2014, which has now recognized more than 1,200 honorees. In 2018, Queen Elizabeth began a Commonwealth Point of Light Award program to recognize volunteers across the 53 Commonwealth nations for the difference they are making in their communities and beyond.

Watch: Volunteer Honored for Devotion to St. Jude Children's Hospital

About Points of Light

Points of Light is a global nonprofit organization that inspires, equips and mobilizes millions of people to take action that changes the world. We envision a world in which every individual discovers the power to make a difference, creating healthy communities in vibrant, participatory societies. Through affiliates in 200 cities across 37 countries, and in partnership with thousands of nonprofits and corporations, Points of Light engages 5 million volunteers in 14 million hours of service each year. We bring the power of people to bear where it’s needed most. For more information, visit pointsoflight.org.

About St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Its purpose is clear: Finding cures. Saving children.® It is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center devoted solely to children. Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to more than 80 percent since the hospital opened more than 50 years ago. St. Jude won’t stop until no child dies from cancer. St. Jude freely shares the discoveries it makes, and every child saved at St. Jude means doctors and scientists worldwide can use that knowledge to save thousands more children. Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food – because all a family should worry about is helping their child live. Join the St. Jude mission by visiting stjude.org, sharing stories and videos from St. Jude Inspire, liking St. Jude on Facebook, following St. Jude on Twitter and Instagram and subscribing to its YouTube channel.

Reveal Your CarbonRATE™

Fri, 11/22/2019 - 9:45am

CarbonRATE™ - a unique peer reviewed Embodied Carbon Product Certification Program - has been re-launched under the Global GreenTag International Certification Standard. CarbonRATE™, says Daniel A. Huard, CEO of Global GreenTag Americas, “has been upgraded to strongly challenge the market to design, manufacture and use only products that can scientifically identify carbon impacts and benefits.”

Speaking in more detail about the CarbonRATE™ program this week from the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Atlanta, David Baggs, Program Director and CEO of Global GreenTag International explained that GreenTag’s new CarbonRATE™  “is deeper detailed to help accelerate a bold climate positive agenda.  Our core mission to help protect and regenerate natural resources firmly sits behind this new set of carbon labelling and metrics,” says Mr. Baggs.

The CarbonRATE program is rolling out for products undergoing GreenTag’s EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) and LCARate certification programs.

Mr. Baggs adds: “What we want is for each CarbonRate TAG issued to tell the whole carbon story behind the full life cycle of each product.” This level of information will be particularly of interest to companies and projects whose policies are now focused on reaching low carbon and zero carbon targets.

The new CarbonRATE TAGS provide products with high visibility carbon performance graphics that include real carbon metrics – instantly communicating the climate performance of products that have been assessed in the program.

“It is vital in this time of climate emergency that we identify for companies and consumers alike the differences between products,” says Mr. Baggs. “By disclosing the proper information and taking products through a program of CarbonLCA (Life Cycle Analysis) we can now show clearly how individual products are reducing climate impacts or providing climate net benefits. We can help quantify carbon offset needs required for specific carbon claims and provide ISO compliant data for robust carbon claims using detailed life cycle analysis.”

Global GreenTag International is a signatory to the World Green Building Council’s (World GBC) bold new #AdvancingNetZero program’s Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront Vision – an initiative that encourages buildings and infrastructure around the world to reach 40% less embodied carbon emissions by 2030 to achieve 100% net zero emission buildings by 2050.

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Huard, CEO Global GreenTag Americas

Cell: +1 702.604.3359

Email:  ceo@globalgreentag.us

CV: Daniel A. Huard

CV:  David Baggs

Global GreenTag CV: Global GreenTag LLC, Americas

The Ray Receives Recognition and Accolades for Smart, Sustainable Highway in Georgia

Thu, 11/21/2019 - 6:44pm

For almost five years, The Ray has worked to transform 18 miles of Interstate 85 in Troup County, Georgia into a zero fatality, zero carbon and zero waste highway. Those 18 miles are home to almost a dozen projects demonstrating technologies and innovation that exist today and that, when scaled, will make our highways safer, smarter, and more sustainable. That work has been recognized in spades these last few months with recognitions from Atlanta MagazineThe Shorty Awards, and Newsweek

“I am humbled by these accolades,” said Harriet Anderson Langford, president and founder of The Ray. “When I started The Ray my goal was simple: to honor my father and to live up to his legacy. If he were here today, I know he’d be congratulating us on a job well done, but telling us to get back to work and do more. That’s exactly what we plan to do.” 

The success of The Ray is attributed to the unique partnerships that underpin and enable every future-forward project. This year, The Ray formalized its longstanding relationship with the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration through a charter, which designated The Ray as “a user-centered, open-innovation ecosystem that integrates concurrent research and innovation goals and processes within a partnership involving government, philanthropic, private sector and advanced technology organizations.” The Ray, its suite of innovations, and the P4 model that enables the infrastructure, research and testing is a scalable, relevant and transferable blueprint for other states and even other countries.

“We share these awards with all our partners, but most importantly with Commissioner McMurry, former Cong. Lynn Westmoreland and the Georgia DOT. Without them, none of this would be possible. Together we are driving the future and leading not just the southeast, but the country,” said Allie Kelly, executive director of The Ray.

Atlanta Magazine recognized The Ray as one of their 2019 Groundbreakers, which this year focused on Environmental Champions because, “you could argue that no leaders are as critical as the ones working to save our planet.” In their write up about The Ray they stated that, “With so many fresh innovations now rumbling down that 18 miles of highway, the recognition may be only starting.”

The Shorty Social Good Awards selected The Ray for “Best in Energy” at an awards ceremony in New York City last week. The Shorty Social Good Awards honor the social good initiatives brands, agencies & nonprofits are taking to make our world a better place. This competition focuses on efforts made by organizations to improve sustainability and diversity internally, foster globally-minded business partnerships and increase employee community and civic engagement. Winners were selected by members of the Real Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences, comprised of luminaries from advertising, media, entertainment and technology. Check out The Ray’s entry.

Finally, Newsweek selected The Ray as one of their top 100 Smart City Partners as part of their 2019 Momentum Awards. The Momentum Awards are an annual celebration of the people and cities propelling the world toward an environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, economically viable future of autonomous mobility and smart urban environments. They recognize companies and partners around the globe, as well as one city, which will be chosen as the "smartest city in the world."

The 100 Smart City Partners award recognizes “partners taking action, whose initiated projects are enacting real change. Whether it's integrating sustainable infrastructure, taking savvy approaches to micromobility, or using big data analytics to inform legislative policy for the betterment of all, each partner is doing something bold and unique that is leading us into the land unknown.”


The Ray is a proving ground for the evolving ideas and technologies that will transform the transportation infrastructure of the future, beginning with the corridor of road that is named in memory of Ray C. Anderson (1934-2011), a Georgia native who became a captain of industry and was recognized as a leader in green business when he challenged his company, Atlanta-based Interface, Inc., to reimagine the enterprise as a sustainable company—one that would pursue zero environmental footprint. Chaired by Ray’s daughter Harriet Langford, The Ray is an epiphany of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation. Learn more.

Light Pollution Is Driving the Insect Apocalypse: A New Study and Concern

Thu, 11/21/2019 - 12:44pm

Breaking News: A new research paper in the scientific journal BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION raises new concerns over the impact of artificial light at night (ALAN) for environmental health. The journal has just published the latest in a series of articles sounding the alarm over declining insect populations. After an initial study (Hallmann, et.al. 2017) in Germany revealed a shocking 76% decline in flying insects within protected area, estimates (UN 2019; Sanchez-Bayo and Wyckhuys, 2019) now suggest that over 40% of all insect species will go extinct within the next several decades. The latest paper ‘Light Pollution is a Driver of Insect Declines’ (Owens, Perkin, Seymour et.al. 2019) raises an alarm over the role of artificial light in the ‘Insect Apocalypse’, summarizing over 200 independent studies that support the findings.

‘Light is the source of all life on this planet…” the authors state, “and anthropogenic [human-caused] changes to the natural light environment should be predicted to affect all life that has evolved within it—that is to say, almost all life on Earth.” And indeed the article recounts the ‘numerous studies [that demonstrate] the ways in which ALAN impacts nocturnal and diurnal insects through effects on development, movement, foraging, reproduction, and predation risk”. The authors also emphasize that the challenge of artificial light at night is not simply a matter of concern for cities and suburbs, but rural and protected areas as well. Artificial lighting follows humans wherever they go, and is directly and significantly contributing to the loss of insects and biodiversity everywhere.

This latest paper indicates that the ecological problems posed by the contribution of artificial light to the Insect Apocalypse go far beyond the conservation of any single species, and indeed have implications for directly related human challenges of hunger and food security. Most recently for example, the coalition 3billionbirds.org released a new study finding that the U.S. and Canada have lost more than 3 billion birds since 1970, a massive reduction in population involving hundreds of species, from beloved backyard song birds to long-distance migrants. These losses are related directly to the loss of insects, a major food source for birds, and the relationship of insects to human food cannot be discounted. Although other threats to insects such as pesticides have a stated intention of producing food en masse, advocates for the applicability of photobiology research suggest that this incidental take of insects from careless artificial lighting has no such justification.

“This is an incredibly important paper”, urges Dr. James Karl Fischer of The Zoological Lighting Institute.“ Just as was the case for early climate change science, we have to take the Insect Apocalypse seriously. If we really hope to prevent a terrible situation from getting worse, these issues should not be avoided. Insects are lynch-pins of the environment and necessary for other kinds of animals to survive; and a diversity of insects is crucial to maintaining our own food supply. The amount of personal control we have here gives us a bit of hope. It is an easy matter to eliminate, reduce or change the ecologically devastating artificial lighting in and on our homes, schools, businesses if we want to, simply by turning off exterior lights. But we have to want to, and be willing to explore alternatives to the functions those lights currently serve.”

The authors of the paper point to several solutions. In addition to simply turning off or reducing reliance upon lighting in areas that simply do not require it, the authors propose that shielding, filtering and dimming light sources offer a good start towards addressing the issue. Monochromatic LED lighting also might be path forward for technological innovation, but current products of this sort have a variety of drawbacks including potential ultrasonic emissions that likewise can disturb insects. Despite being a great improvement over current broadband LEDs commonly found in use today, monochromatic sources might very well be harmless to one species and yet be harmful to another, requiring great care in application. Natural light is best it seems, and minimally impact-full and fully controlled artificial lighting next. What is eminently clear though from the paper, is that artificial lighting and its effects upon life cannot be ignored for much longer, as the Insect Apocalypse is upon us.

About The Zoological Lighting Institute:

A charitable 501 c(3) with a unique mission to ‘Support the Sciences of Light and Life through the Arts for Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation,’  ‘ZLI’ provides funding to researchers while advocating for the application of data-driven science to improve environmental and animal care decisions related to light and lighting. ZLI’s Insect Apocalypse Campaign links entomological research to world hunger initiatives and is currently pursuing documentary, educational and design projects to support this research.
Please visit <<www.zoolighting.org/donate>> to take advantage of Matching Gift and Donor Advisory Fund opportunities. Animal advocates can also contribute to ZLI as a Member or Campaign Committee Leader <<https://zoolighting.org/campaigns/>>.


Paper Co-Authors:

Avalon Owens Tufts University - Department of Biology, Precillia Cochard, Université Laval, Joanna Durrant University of Melbourne, Elizabeth Perkin, McDaniel College, Brett Seymoure, Washington University; St. Louis University; Colorado State University


Sânchez-Bayo, F., Wyckhuys, K.A.G., 2019. Worldwide decline of the entomofauna: A review of its drivers. Biol. Conserv. 232, 8–27.
Published online by ScienceDirect.com

Caspar A. Hallmann, Martin Sorg, Eelke Jongejans, Henk Siepel, Nick Hofland, Heinz Schwan, Werner Stenmans, Andreas Müller, Hubert Sumser, Thomas Hörren, Dave Goulson, Hans de Kroon, 2017 More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas
Published online by the journal PLOS One

Rosenberg, K. V., A. M. Dokter, P. J. Blancher, J. R. Sauer, A. C. Smith, P. A. Smith, J. C. Stanton, A. Panjabi, L. Helft, M. Parr, and P. P. Marra. 2019.
Published online by the journal Science


Back on My Feet, Along With Four Additional Charities, Earn Donations From Aramark As Part of Culinary Competition

Thu, 11/21/2019 - 12:44pm

 Aramark’s (NYSE: ARMK) team of chefs from its Sports & Entertainment division bested its competitors to win the Inaugural National Finals of the Aramark Culinary Excellence (ACE) Competition – a showcase of the company’s domestic culinary talent and menu innovation – and take home the coveted “Copper Pot.”

Members of the winning team are:

  • Chef Stephen Aheimer – FirstEnergy Stadium

  • Chef Richard Grab – Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington, DC District

  • Chef Allan Wambaa – Oregon Convention Center

Fifteen Aramark chefs, comprising five teams of three chefs from participating U.S. lines of business (Business Dining, Education, Healthcare Hospitality, Leisure, and Sports & Entertainment), competed in the intense daylong culinary challenge, in accordance with American Culinary Federation competition standards and judged by ACF Master and Certified Executive Chefs, at Aramark’s Global Headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, on November 20, 2019. 

“This is such a great honor and I’m so proud of the effort our team put forth to win the first-ever Aramark Culinary Excellence National Championship,” said Chef Aheimer, on behalf of the Sports & Entertainment team. “The whole experience has been a great opportunity for me, Rich and Allan, and all of the competing chefs, to demonstrate our love of food and passion for cooking.”

Cooking for a Cause

To up the ante, in addition to competing for bragging rights, each culinary team competed on behalf of an Aramark non-profit partner. As a result of Sports & Entertainment winning the ACE Championship “Copper Pot,” Back on My Feet received a $10,000 donation from the Aramark Charitable Fund.

“We’re excited to have been included in this wonderful event celebrating culinary excellence and are grateful for Aramark’s continued support of community initiatives and causes, such as Back on My Feet,” said Ashley Kilpatrick, Senior Vice President of Development with Back on My Feet. “While we’re ecstatic the Sports & Entertainment team won the competition, we are humbled by all the hard work and attention to detail each team put into competing on behalf of their chosen organization. Thanks to Aramark’s generosity, we all walk away winners!”

In the spirit of friendly competition, just for competing, all of the other teams earned a $5,000 donation for their non-profit partner, from the Aramark Charitable Fund. Those organizations and the teams they partnered with are: Boys & Girls Clubs of America (Business Dining); Hope Center for College, Community and Justice (Education); Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (Healthcare Hospitality); and National Park Foundation (Leisure).

Winning 4-Course Menu

The winning team of Chef Aheimer, Chef Grab and Chef Wambaa successfully prepared and presented a four-course menu, utilizing a mystery basket of 16 fresh, seasonal and local ingredients.





Pheasant Ravioli

Pork belly escarole, Sautéed Kennett Square crimini mushrooms, Pheasant demi


Seared Black Bass &

Sous vide Gambas

Hominy risotto, Shaved Brussels sprouts, Asian pear slaw, Gochujang fume





Butternut Squash Puree

Butternut squash, Amish goat cheese, Smoked beef tongue, Wild rice pilaf fluff


Chocolate Almond Coconut Macaroon Bar

Ginger beer beet puree, Ruby chocolate sauce, Glass sugar

Aramark Culinary Excellence Competition is a year-long competition, culminating with a national finals, where the top three winners from each business unit form teams to compete for the honor of Aramark Culinary Excellence National Champions.

During the 2019 competition, over 100 chefs, from Aramark’s U.S. Business Dining, Healthcare Hospitality, Education (Higher Education/K12), Leisure, and Sports & Entertainment accounts competed in business sector competitions.

About Aramark
Aramark (NYSE: ARMK) proudly serves Fortune 500 companies, world champion sports teams, state-of-the-art healthcare providers, the world’s leading educational institutions, iconic destinations and cultural attractions, and numerous municipalities in 19 countries around the world. Our 280,000 team members deliver experiences that enrich and nourish millions of lives every day through innovative services in food, facilities management and uniforms. We work to put our sustainability goals into action by focusing on initiatives that engage our employees, empower healthy living, preserve our planet and build local communities. Aramark is recognized as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies by FORTUNE, as well as an employer of choice by the Human Rights Campaign and DiversityInc. Learn more at www.aramark.com or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Three Actions to Change the Global Energy System and Stay Below 1.5°C

Thu, 11/21/2019 - 9:44am

Global carbon emissions must drop in half by 2030 and reach net zero in 2050 to avoid catastrophic climate change. A key solution is to replace energy from fossil fuels, which contributes 73% of global carbon emissions, with energy harnessed from the sun and the wind. But the global community must get started now on a decade of action to scale-up green energy and help meet these climate goals.

“Transforming from fossil fuels to green energy to stay within 1.5°C is no longer a question of technical feasibility or financial viability. It is about having the ambition and will to make the necessary decisions sooner rather than later,” writes Henrik Poulsen, CEO of Ørsted, in the white paper Taking action to stay within 1.5°C

Transforming the energy system requires building green power twice as fast as projected towards 2030 and tripling the retirement rate of coal-fired power plants. The global share of green energy must rise dramatically, while energy efficiency is increased. This will take three key actions: 

  • Green electrification to phase out fossil fuels: Wind and solar are now cheaper than fossil fuels across more than two-thirds of the world. This cost advantage can spur electrification based on green energy of sectors that rely on fossil fuels, such as transport, industry and buildings. The power sector today accounts for just 20% of global energy use but should account for 50% in 2050, through intensified green electrification.

  • Speed up the build-out of green power: Solar PV, onshore and offshore wind and other renewable energy technologies are already in use, but the world needs to build new green power at greater pace and scale than today. The global green power share must rise to at least 77% by 2050, as compared with 26% today.

  • Accelerate the phase-out of fossil fuels: Policymakers must rapidly phase out fossil fuels, especially coal, which is incompatible with the 1.5°C scenario. Coal-fired plants are also uneconomical: around 35% of coal-fired capacity today has higher operating costs than new renewable power capacity, and that figure could rise to 96% by 2030. 

The white paper adds that limiting climate change will need the global community to act at all levels, from governments and companies to investors and individuals. Read more here: Taking action to stay within 1.5°C

About Ørsted
The Ørsted vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy. Ørsted develops, constructs and operates offshore and onshore wind farms and bioenergy plants, and provides energy products to customers. 

  • Carbon intensity of the company’s energy generation decreased by 83% in mid-2019, as compared with 2006 levels. By 2025, Ørsted will have reduced its emissions by 98% making the company’s energy production virtually carbon free.

  • 83% of Ørsted’s energy generation was from renewable sources as of September 2019. The target is 99% in 2025.

  • The company is committed to reducing carbon emissions from end use of its products and in its supply chain by 50 percent by 2032, as compared to 2018.

  • Ørsted is ranked the world’s most sustainable energy company and fourth most sustainable company overall in the 2019 Global100 index.

View PDF here

Comerica Bank Named in the Inaugural Texan by Nature 20

Wed, 11/20/2019 - 3:43pm

Texan by Nature (TxN), a Texas-led conservation nonprofit founded by former First Lady Laura Bush, announced that Comerica Bank has been named as an honoree of the first-ever Texan by Nature 20 (TxN20) – an official ranking of 20 companies with Texas operations that have made a demonstrative commitment to conservation.

With the launch of the TxN 20, Texan by Nature aims to recognize the best and most innovative work in conservation coming from Texas-based business and operations. As part of the TxN 20, Texan by Nature will honor 20 companies across 10 industries in the Lone Star State whose ingenuity are forging new, beneficial paths in conservation.

"At Texan by Nature, our firm belief is that our long-term prosperity and health is dependent upon our natural resources. In launching the TxN 20, we aim to spotlight innovation in conservation and inspire more substantial efforts to create a new model of conservation for Texans and our shared future," said Joni Carswell, CEO & President of Texan by Nature. "It is an honor to showcase and celebrate the Texas-led innovation, commitment, and elevated practices spanning industries and our unique state."

The largest bank headquartered in Texas and one of the largest in the country, Comerica has racked up awards in sustainability – The Climate Registry recognized the company for excellence in greenhouse gas management, and its paper shredding days are signature community events in Dallas and Houston, where the company partners with Iron Mountain shredding to collect, shred and recycle paper documents for free.

"In the United States, business will continue to lead on sustainability initiatives," said Scott Beckerman, Senior Vice President and Comerica's Director of Corporate Sustainability. "Our role is to support that leadership through both reductions in our own environmental footprint and perhaps even more importantly, supporting customers as they green their operations and work in new areas which address a greening economy." 

Bolstered by an internal environmental policy statement that looks to every employee and applies to the entire company, Comerica Bank is committed to reducing climate change business risks while identifying opportunities to mitigate the impact of rising global temperatures. Each year, the firm tracks its progress in environmental sustainability areas most relevant to its business, including greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste and paper use, environmentally-beneficial (green) lending, environmentally responsible procurement, and sustainability engagement and communication.

As beautiful as it is big, Texas is home to some of the largest cities in the United States and the world's 10th largest economy. A leader in multiple industries with 11 ecoregions, eight mountain ranges, and over 150 conservation organizations, Texas is a diverse state with the opportunity to model the importance of bringing conservation and business together for the benefit of our people, prosperity, and natural resources.

A catalyst for thought leadership, innovative partnerships and community-led solutions, Texan by Nature has been working with the Texas business community to implement Texas-led conservation practices, partnerships, and resources. Hosting a leadership roundtable series throughout the Lone Star State in 2018, business leaders in each major Texas city and across a spectrum of industries were brought together to engage in timely discussions around current conservation challenges and opportunities, including lack of education, awareness, collaboration, best practices and industry standards. In these sessions, business leaders voiced a desire to know more about the work being done across Texas, to learn the best practices for their industries, and to receive recognition for their efforts.

The final Texan by Nature 20 honorees were selected based upon a stated dedication to conservation, demonstrated commitment to conservation via investment and volunteerism, measurement and reporting of spending and impact on conservation efforts, and employee engagement. Honorees were identified through submissions as well as researched via publicly available information on conservation and sustainability efforts. An esteemed, cross-industry selection committee made the final selection of 20 honorees for the Texan by Nature 20.

Activating new investments, amplifying and accelerating innovations, and connecting partners to the resources they need to succeed, Texan by Nature offers select programs to help engage Texans in stewardship of the state's rich land and diverse communities including the Conservation Wrangler Program, TxN Certification, the Conservation Wrangler Summit and the TxN 20. For more information on TxN partnerships and programs, or to learn how to get involved, please visit www.texanbynature.org.

About TxN: Texan by Nature (TxN) unites business and conservation leaders who believe Texas' prosperity is dependent on the conservation of its natural resources. TxN amplifies projects and activates new investment in conservation which returns real benefits for people, prosperity, and natural resources. Texan by Nature achieves mission goals through the Texan by Nature Certification program, Conservation Wrangler program, Symposia Series, and the Texan by Nature 20. Get involved and learn more at www.texanbynature.org and follow on Facebook @TexanbyNature, Twitter @TexanbyNature, and Instagram @texanbynature.

About Comerica Bank: Comerica Incorporated (NYSE: CMA) is a financial services company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and strategically aligned by three business segments: The Business Bank, The Retail Bank, and Wealth Management. Comerica focuses on relationships, and helping people and businesses be successful. In addition to Texas, Comerica Bank locations can be found in Arizona, California, Florida and Michigan, with select businesses operating in several other states, as well as in Canada and Mexico. For more information, visit Comerica.com. Follow Comerica on Twitter at @ComericaBank or Facebook at www.facebook.com/Comerica.