Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact NHBSR?

Please visit our Contact Us page for more information

May I intern at NHBSR?

NHBSR posts all available internship positions in our NHBSR Jobs section.  If you are interested in an internship with NHBSR, send your cover letter describing your area of interest and résumé to No phone calls, please.

When and where is your next Conference?

The NHBSR Spring Conference takes place in early May each year. Information about our upcoming conference can be found here.

Does NHBSR endorse any global standards?

NHBSR does not establish or promote particular standards in CSR or in any related issues. This enables NHBSR to be in an objective position to positively engage with companies.

May I have a copy of your annual report?

We will be publishing our first Annual Report shortly!  Please email Michelle Veasey to request notification of the report publish date.

May I have a copy of your mailing list?

No, to protect our members' privacy, NHBSR does not share its mailing list with third-party organizations.

Does NHBSR certify companies?

No, NHBSR does not provide certification, but we ask all member companies to complete the Measure What Matters 101 Survey, which provides companies ideas on area that might be of interest for expanding their sustainability efforts.  The survey can be accessed via our MWM page.

For companies that are interested in a strong 3rd party certification, we recommend B Lab's Business Impact Assessment, which given your score, can lead to B Corp Certification.  Our partnership with the University of New Hampshire's Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise provides opportunities to work in a guided setting with B Impact interns who provide support in the Business Impact Assessment and B Corp Certification process.  Find out more about B Corp Certification at  To connect with the B Impact Clinic opportunities, email Fiona Wilson, Center Director.

Who are the members of NHBSR?

A list of NHBSR's members is available here.

What is NHBSR's mission?

New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility convenes, inspires and supports businesses and their community stakeholders to build a more sustainable and prosperous state for all.

On Becoming a Member

How can I request printed materials about membership?

To help NHBSR reduce the environmental impact of our operations, please refer to our website for current membership information. To receive an information pledge by mail, send your name, title, business mailing address, phone, fax and email address to

Is membership an endorsement of a company and its CSR efforts?

No, membership in NHBSR is not an endorsement of the member company or organization, its policies, practices or performance, or that of any subsidiaries or business partners.

What are my company's obligations once it becomes a member?

We ask that all members read and adhere to our membership policies, created to protect our members' privacy, the value of membership, and the intellectual property of NHBSR. NHBSR places no other formal obligations or expectations on its members in terms of their policies, practices or performance.

Is membership annual?

Payment covers twelve months and renews in the month your company joins. NHBSR sends an invoice for renewal 60 days prior to renewal.

When can my company or organization join NHBSR?

Membership may be initiated any time.

I'm writing a check, can I pay for membership in currency other than US dollars?

At this time, payment is accepted in US dollars only.

What forms of payment does NHBSR accept for membership?

NHBSR accepts payment by credit card (VISA, Master Card, or American Express) or check made payable to "NHBSR." Membership dues are non-refundable.

How much is membership?

Annual dues are based on a company's gross annual revenues.

How does my company or organization join NHBSR?

Complete a Membership Application, and send it to NHBSR with your first year's annual membership dues. You can download an application and fax or mail it to NHBSR. Instructions can be found on the application.

Does BSR offer membership for individuals?

Yes, Membership in NHBSR is open to individuals and companies.

Who may join NHBSR?

NHBSR is an inclusive membership organization; membership is open to all companies, regardless of size, sector, location, level of CSR experience, corporate reputation or other factors. There are no standards for CSR performance that must be achieved before a company can become a member of NHBSR.

Once You're a Member

My company has just done innovative CSR work, how may I get it mentioned in NHBSR's newsletter?

Email your news to Molly Redfield, Communications and Event Manager, for consideration as source material.

How can my company or organization promote its membership in NHBSR?

NHBSR requests that members obtain permission to use NHBSR's name, logo and statement of membership by contacting

Members may place NHBSR's logo, a statement of membership, and/or a link to the NHBSR site ( on their website. Members may also use NHBSR's name and logo on other promotional materials with approval.

The use of NHBSR's name and logo are proprietary and protected by federal law. Membership and use of NHBSR's name and logo cannot be used as a statement of endorsement.

How do I tell other NHBSR members about my company or organization, and the services we offer?

Members may not send mass communications or other solicitations to other members. NHBSR does not distribute third-party solicitations. NHBSR encourages our members to utilize the NHBSR message board located under the Resources tab of the NHBSR website. Members may also alert NHBSR staff about unique news and notes that may be included in the NHBSR newsletter or as a part of our rotating Member Profiles and Featured Members.

What happens once I've submitted the Membership Application?

NHBSR will acknowledge your application upon receipt of your payment. NHBSR will send a "Welcome Kit." In addition, NHBSR will contact the Primary Representative to schedule a call with you to further discuss how NHBSR can provide assistance to you and your company.