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FEATURING:  Bob Hayden, President and Chief Technical Officer of Standard Power


Standard Power, founded in 2010 by Matthew Rounds, Austin Eaton and Richard Harding, is a preeminent New Hampshire Energy Consulting and Brokerage Firm that services the larger New England region. Started purely as a brokerage firm for third party electricity suppliers, the company very quickly adopted a green philosophy, partnering with clients to promote wind, solar and hydroelectric power.

Standard Power has found particular success through hydroaggregation. By using Group Net Metering from small hydro plants (up to 100%) paired with Third Party supply, hydroaggregation provides cost effective energy solutions for clients who want to invest in renewable energy. Standard Power currently services clients from across the board, including schools, towns and commercial entities.

The energy consultancy’s technical, research-based approach ensures that all client projects are scaled appropriately, backed by science and robust data and closely monitored to achieve best results. Standard Power is able to guarantee project goals and adapt to shifting markets through its process of reviewing and, if necessary, changing vendors throughout the duration of a project as they become available. This attention to detail and flexibility sets Standard Power apart from many in the renewable energy arena and means that the consultancy can provide clients with ever-expanding renewable energy options.

Also linked to the consultancy’s green philosophy, Standard Power engages across the state on the community level, serving on several local energy committees and offering expertise on renewable energy issues. Standard Power employees are all involved in the political arena, from giving legislative testimonies in support of clean energy policies to helping prepare and train community leaders to advocate for clean energy solutions.

“We make a special effort,” says Bob Hayden, President and Chief Technical Officer of Standard Power, “to make sure young voices are being heard. Their perspectives are key because what they have to say deeply matters for New Hampshire. What they want and what they need matters. We talk about brain drain from the state and we need to listen to our young people.” Along these lines, Standard Power directly invests in our next generation workforce and clean energy leaders through its internship program. The consultancy has relationships with professors from higher education institutions across the state (and the larger US) to provide hands on learning experiences for students. Standard Power is certainly on the front lines, leading the charge for a clean energy future in New Hampshire and a better tomorrow.

To learn more about Standard Power, you can reach out to Bob Hayden at b.hayden@standardpower.com or call (603) 325-1749.