Help us make sure everyone knows how they can vote safely on November 3rd.  Company support or sponsorship of the #VoteSafeNH initiative are welcome, as well as individual contributions.


Voting is the foundation of our democracy and socially responsible businesses have a corporate civic duty to help encourage broad participation in our elections. Just as businesses have been taking measures to ensure the safety of their workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping employees and associates vote safely will also protect their health and wellbeing. Safe and secure voting practices benefit our communities and the core principles and bedrock of our representative democracy.

NHBSR and Business for America (BFA) have created the #VoteSafeNH toolkit to help New Hampshire employers educate employees, staff, and associates on:

  • process, timelines, and health recommendations for voting in 2020
  • specific steps needed to register, vote by absentee ballot, and vote in person
  • opportunities for voters in lower risk categories to volunteer at local polls


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Download just the #VoteSafeNH Toolkit here

How Business Leaders Can Use and Share the #VoteSafeNH Toolkit:

✓  Send out a message to all staff about the importance of voting and doing so safely.
✓  Include a note in your company's newsletter, website, social media platforms, etc. 
✓  Hold a virtual town hall to talk about the importance of civic health and responsibility, sharing information from the toolkit
✓  Consider allowing time on Election Day for those who choose to vote in person
✓  Encourage low risk individuals to volunteer at the polls on Election Day
✓  Like and share the following posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
✓  Help others spread the word by sharing the media kit
✓  Share #VoteSafeNH graphics, linked in full-size below and included within the toolkit, among your internal and external networks.


#VoteSafeNH Graphics:

vsnh_adapted_banners_banner_-_160x600.png    vsnh_adapted_banners_banner_-_300x600.png    vsnh_general_ellection_reminder-01.png    vsnh_primary_election_reminder-01.png    vsnh_learn_about_absentee_voting-01.png    vsnh_adapted_banners_banner_-_300x250.png    vsnh_adapted_banners_banner_-_728x90.png


Other #VoteSafeNH Resources:

  • The Wednesday, September 2 from 1-1:30 PM  #VoteSafeNH webinar recording can be found HERE.
  • Find the #VoteSafeNH Presentation from the webinar HERE.
  • Watch the #VoteSafeNH Video COMING SOON.


The vote is precious.  It is almost sacred.  It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democracy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -John Lewis



Thank you to our #VoteSafeNH Sponsors, Hypertherm, Impax Asset Management, and W.S. Badger, for making the VoteSafeNH toolkit possible and available to all employers in the state!!










BFA is a nonprofit network of purpose-driven business leaders advocating for bipartisan policy and technology solutions that strengthen our representative democracy.


New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility is a member-based, non-profit organization that convenes, inspires and supports businesses and community stakeholders to build a more sustainable and prosperous state for all.