New Hampshire Sensible Housing Principles

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NH Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) invites your business to show support for policies and programs that promote fair and inclusive housing solutions within the state by signing your company's name onto the "Sensible Housing Principles."

The business signatories of this document recognize that for our state and businesses to truly thrive, all of our residents must have access to safe and affordable housing. This document demonstrates to policymakers that there is significant support within NH's business community for legislation that will advance sensible solutions to the current housing crisis.

Our people are the backbone and foundation of our organizations and communities and we must address the affordable housing crisis in NH to ensure the long-term vitality of our state.



New Hampshire Sensible Housing Principles

As businesses and employers invested in New Hampshire, we believe collective action on our state’s critical housing shortage will benefit our mutual prosperity, health, and way of life in the Granite State.

  • Quality, affordable workforce housing is vital to the economy we all rely on.
  • Housing is the backbone of community life and often determines who has access to transit, grocery stores that sell fresh produce, healthcare, jobs that pay living wages, and childcare. 
  • Development and conservation can grow in balance of each other.
  • Collaboration at the town, regional, and state level should value and consider the long-term housing needs of all residents and newcomers, including people of all ages, first-time buyers, renters, and those on fixed incomes wishing to age in place or downsize. Sensible policies can preserve/respect the rights and dignity of tenants.
  • Mixed-use housing solutions present flexible options for communities of all sizes. Attractive, walkable places serve existing residents, attract newcomers, and appeal to businesses.
  • Every community can use sensible zoning updates that maintain community character while accommodating inclusive and diverse housing options.


We support policies and legislation that will advance these points and attract innovation and opportunity for our state and our people.


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