Conscious Business Leadership Program

NHBSR Conscious Business Leadership Program 

The business climate in America has been changing for some time, but the pandemic has accelerated changes as we have been working to redefine workplaces. We all want to engage in meaningful work and to be a part of a culture that brings out the best in the human spirit. Likewise, our customers are looking for brands that connect their industry practices to create a better world.

As innovative businesses, we understand that we must lead in a way that values our stakeholders as a collective community.  Our role must be more expansive, integrating not only workplace cultures focusing on the development of employees, but also the relationship with and support of our communities.

In collaboration with Sojourn Partners, the NHBSR Conscious Business Leadership Program (CBL) provides participants with the opportunity to learn and develop the skills needed to become conscious business leaders able to address these changing priorities, both here in New Hampshire and throughout the global marketplace. Program participants develop strong relationships with their peers for continued support of each other's long term leadership goals.

This year's program will be offered virtually with half day sessions (9:30 - noon), beginning in mid-January through June, 2021.  The final session will be a full day.  We encourage teams from your organization to attend, so that you will feel supported with peers viewing challenges and opportunities through a conscious leadership lens.  To make this posisble, we offer a 20% discount for all team members registered.



Developing a New Vision (1/21/21) Understanding Our Wiring (2/4/21) Leading from Love (2/18/21)
What is conscious leadership in our brave new world? "Ohhhh that's why you do what you do ..."  Exploring personality and communication styles in leadership. Conscious leaders speak intentionally and with great care even when being direct.  Learn how to access and speak with your colleagues, teammates, and frinds from your deepest sense of humanity and power.
Owning Our Stories (3/4/21) Self-Care: Cultivating Mindfulness (3/18/21) Self-Care: Responding Resiliently (4/1/21)
Understanding the psychology of our stories and how they influence our decision-making and leadership behavior. Developing a practice or clarity and focus - mindfully and somatically. Befriending and embracing obstacles as allies for new growth.
Honing Uncommon Agility (4/15/21) Exploring Enough-ness (5/6/21) Leading with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Part I (5/20/21)
Choose to respond to the unknown rather than succumb to reacting to it.  Learn to pull from creativity, wisdom and play. Harnessing the transforming power of what is enough. Evolving your team by changing the narrative.  Integrate new priorities into best practices.
Leading With Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Part II (6/3/21)

Making It Sustainable      (6/17/21, am)

Weaving Courageous Consciousness (6/17/21, pm)
Evolving your team by changing the narrative.  Integrate new priorities into best practices. With attuned awareness and application of new knowledge, skills and abilities, conscious leaders can shift the culture of their organizations toward impactful sustainability planning. How do we begin again and again, doing the deeply courageous work of conscious leadership in our communities?




"100% worth it." -Brett Cromwell, Medtronic

“Extremely helpful! Eye opening program with fun, authentic, kind and inspiring presenters.  Be prepared to learn about yourself.”  -Heather Iworsky.  Revision Energy

“ A very worthwhile investment to be a better leader and a better you. I highly recommend it.”  -David Greer, Wirebelt


Your Investment: $3,000 for NHBSR Member; $3,500 for Not-Yet NHBSR Member. 

20% discount for Teams of more than one person.




Sojourn Partners is a conscious company on its own development path and collaborates with community stakeholders to achieve their vision. Their multi-disciplinary team has been delivering leadership development for over 20 years to empower leaders in their own evolution by providing enhanced tools, fresh paradigms and skill-building opportunities to cultivate more aware, focused and thriving organizations. 

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(applications for the program are due by January 15)