The Art of Conscious Leadership



The Art of Conscious Leadership

New business paradigms for shaping a better world


When uncertainty looms and the challenges feel relentless, it’s an invitation to view the horizon with fresh eyes.  From this vantage point, our approaches are less about pure grit and doubling down, and more about tapping the intelligence embodied in the souls of our organizations and our most attuned selves.  This process requires community and a willingness to get curious and expand our inner resources. 

Over our day together, we will be explore:

  • Understanding the gifts of ambiguity and volatility
  • Cultivating our multiple sources of intelligence beyond the overthinking mind
  • Calling out the stories that create burn out
  • Aligning head, heart and gut in problem-solving
  • Creating allyship within the body and brain
  • Practicing a new repertoire of skills to help conscious leaders make their mark



This program is for:

  • Leaders of small, medium and large organizations or departments
  • Emerging and aspiring leaders
  • Entrepreneurs (solo, social etc.)
  • Change agents
  • Business Consultants and Advisors
  • Coaches


The ACL has been rescheduled for Tuesday, February 22

at The Browne Center at UNH  

Cost per person: $199

Please note that participants must be fully vaccinated.  Masks will be required.  Refunds will be provided should either we or the individual registant feel the conditions necessitate.

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Ashley Davis

Debra LeClair, Psy D.
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