Books About Corporate Social Responsibility

Investing In Corporate Social Responsibility: A Guide to Best Practice, Business Planning & the….
by John (EDT) Hancock - Business & Economics - 2004 - 320 pages
At the start of 2004, international reputation consultancy Echo Research reported on the findings of its analysis of 5324 press articles on CSR topics.

Corporate Social Responsibility Across Europe
Edited by Andre Habisch, Jan Jonker, Martina Wegner, Reni Schmidpeter - Political Science - 2004 - 397 pages
28% of all articles on CSR were concerned with the inclusive labour market.

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Stakeholders in a Global Environment
by William B Werther, David Chandler - Business & Economics - 2005 - 356 pages
CSR Connection: This issue forms an important element of the CSR debate. ...
Perceptions of CSR stimulate consumer and other stakeholder reactions that can ...

The Planetary Bargain: Corporate Social Responsibility Matters
by Michael Hopkins - Business & Economics - 2003 - 252 pages
Nevertheless, the debate on profits and CSR has not gone away. ... 35 Wolf argued that CSR is conducted by activist groups who are ‘with few ...

Corporations and the Public Interest: Guiding the Invisible Hand
by Steven D Lydenberg - Business & Economics - 2005 - 170 pages
I asked myself why interest in SRI and CSR was now spring-ing up throughout ... but it was clear to me that both articles only scratched the surface in ...

Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility
Business & Economics - 2004 - 254 pages
In response to the consultation on the Green Paper on CSR (available online at ...

Implementing Effective Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance. A Guide:
by Rob Peddle Ian Rosam - 2004 - 73 pages

Implementing Codes Of Conduct: How Businesses Manage Social Performance in Global Supply Chains
by Ivanka Mamic - Business & Economics - 2004 - 336 pages

Corporate Social Opportunity!: Seven Steps to Make Corporate Social Responsibility Work for Your Business
by David Grayson, Adrian Hodges - 2004 - 390 pages
If companies were to embrace the idea of moving from the mind-set of CSR to…

The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook: When It All Comes Together
Edited by Jeana Wirtenberg with William G. Russell and David Lipsky in collaboration with The Enterprise Sustainability Action Team.

PR New's Guide to Best Practices in CSR 2006 Edition
This one-of-a kind guidebook will equip you with knowledge, tactics and workable strategies to measure your PR initiatives. To order visit or call 1-888-707-5814.