The business community in the State of New Hampshire is a vibrant place. New Hampshire Businesses For Social Responsibility exists to bring organizations together for the greater good of our extraordinary state.

People, Principles & Profit

New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) convenes, inspires and supports businesses and their community stakeholders to build a more sustainable and prosperous state for all.

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A robust network of businesses and their diverse stakeholders that share a desire to “do well and do good.”
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Businesses and their change agents to move from ideas to action.
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Business practitioners of all levels of experience through shared storytelling and best practices.
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With our values because we know that we all must be the change we want to see in the world.

Businesses understand the fundamental link between sustainability and the bottom line. NHBSR is the business organization driving the social responsibility agenda in New Hampshire.

Ask business leaders in New Hampshire who are integrating social responsibility initiatives into their company and you’ll get such answers as: “It’s important to my investors and customers” or “It affects my employee recruitment and retention, and impacts our corporate reputation.” Social responsibility in business is not a trendy concept, but increasingly an essential part of how companies are doing business.

NHBSR is about being involved. It is about bringing new participants to the table and expanding the conversation around how business can be a force for good. We always welcome the addition of new voices. Your voice, whether as a member, a committee volunteer or a participant in our events is important to us.

Our History

NHBSR has a rich history dating back to the late 1980s when businesses began to organize around the issue of corporate social responsibility. Since then the organization has enjoyed steady progress in its growth and development, extending its outreach to an influential group of companies and individuals. NHBSR has achieved a number of notable milestones during this time, some of which are highlighted on the following page.

We are proud of our innovative and dynamic programming. We strive to keep pace with the ever-changing opportunities and needs of our members and to work toward our vision for NH. Early on, we created “Go on Tours,” an opportunity to learn about a business and their sustainability efforts while meeting others interested in sustainable business. This successful model, originated by NHBSR, was adopted and implemented by BSR Networks nationwide and has been a staple of NHBSR programming over the years.

Partnerships With Purpose

We have also been successful at partnering with other influential organizations like Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) and Business NH Magazine. NHBSR and VBSR have presented a joint annual conference since 1994, and this year enjoyed the largest attendance to date. The partnership with Business NH Magazine has been in place since 1998 when the magazine first published its “Top 10 Companies to Work For in New Hampshire” list. NHBSR approached the magazine regarding the idea of an annual “Breakfast with the Best” program, an event that has gained recognition and increased attendance each year.

In 2002, we continued to build on this rich history as we worked to further NHBSR in its initiatives and membership outreach. Programs scheduled included the “Breakfast with the Best” as well as the 2002 “Go on Tour” program, serving as an extension of the Breakfast with visits and tours to the top 10 companies over the course of the year. In May, we hosted an Inaugural Event to officially launch NHBSR as an autonomous organization. Throughout the year we will work to expand and refine the www.nhbsr.org website, making it a respected source of information and idea sharing for our members. Most importantly, this is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter in this important organization’s history.

Prioritizing Sustainability

In the fall of 2011 we launched what is still considered to be one of the country’s most unique and innovative executive education programs in partnership with the University of New Hampshire. The Institute for Corporate Sustainability and its follow-on Certificate program combines the latest in academic research for sustainability with leading business practitioners to provide mid- to upper-level executives with the tools and understanding to advance sustainability in the professional environment. In early 2014, the Institute was renamed to the Corporate Sustainability Leadership Program and Certificate to more clearly reflect the program’s mission.

Sustainability Roundtables are held around the state and allow business leaders, community members and NGOs to come together to discuss the relevant sustainability and CSR topics in order to provide collaborative opportunities for change. Roundtables are a great opportunity to connect more deeply with fellow business leaders and sustainability professionals to build stronger businesses and communities.

In 2014, we launched the Just One Thing campaign encouraging businesses and nonprofits to share simple stories of their sustainability efforts that created impact either in their communities, within their workplaces or for the environment. The stories have inspired others to take simple actions that together have big impact. To elevate these stories, NHBSR presented the Sustainability Slam, a fun, fast-paced event that allows the top stories to be shared in 90 seconds or less, with winners selected by attendees via a polling app. The networking event has been awarded the NH Business Review’s Best of Business for its unique platform and continues to draw maximum capacity crowds.

In 2018, we launched another new initiative, Measure What Matters NH. The program is a multi-tiered opportunity to measure your business’ impact through assessment tools and to use local programming (webinars, workshops and internships) to learn about tools and ideas that can help to drive your sustainability efforts forward.

Our Approach


DEIJ Commitment Statement and Goals

New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility deeply values diversity and recognizes the significant contributions of diverse voices, perspectives, and innovative thinking to our economy and communities. We understand that businesses can be powerful catalysts for social justice, playing a pivotal role in addressing historical and ongoing inequities as we strive toward an inclusive economy. Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice not only drives business success but also aligns with our core mission.

Our communities thrive when we lift everyone up and ensure that all individuals can realize their full potential. It is not enough to merely speak about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice – we are also dedicated to actively demonstrating these principles to cultivate a welcoming environment that benefits everyone. To fulfill this commitment, we are taking concrete actions and initiatives to embed Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice into every facet of our work, consistent with our values and vision.

Leadership Development

We are dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning. Our staff and Board of Directors will participate in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) training, through our programs and in collaboration with our partners.


We will continue developing and delivering substantive programming on DEIJ and actively encourage our business members and the larger community to engage with it alongside us.


We will establish meaningful, enduring partnerships with local organizations that practice DEIJ, including those led by Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC); LGBTQ+; and other marginalized groups that champion social responsibility and justice throughout New Hampshire. Our aim is to ensure inclusivity and collaboration with all members of these local organizations dedicated to advancing DEIJ principles.

Public Policy

We will continue to actively support policy initiatives on a nonpartisan basis that promote social responsibility and justice for marginalized communities in our state.


We are committed to recruiting businesses that practice DEIJ principles and ensuring that our recruitment efforts encompass all businesses, including those led by BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized individuals. Our goal is to shape the future of our organization by welcoming a diverse range of businesses and removing access barriers wherever possible. Inclusivity is at the forefront of our recruitment approach.


We are dedicated to building and maintaining a diverse organization that represents various demographic groups. Our commitment extends to ensuring that our staff and leadership, across all dimensions, embrace the importance of diversity. Our goal is to create an inclusive and diverse Board and leadership team, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds and experiences, with a focus on removing barriers to representation of different groups.

Diverse Experts

We will ensure broad representation of the diverse people and perspectives that make up our state in all our programming, including on panels, workshops, and other public events.


We will collect DEIJ data via voluntary disclosure to monitor our progress in meeting these goals.

Member Engagement

We will encourage and support our member companies, and the New Hampshire business community at large, in setting and tracking meaningful goals of their own for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice.


As we progress in our journey of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice, we are committed to actively seeking input and guidance from diverse leaders. This includes engaging in regular dialogues, surveys, and open forums to ensure that the voices and insights of a wide range of individuals are heard and valued. Together, we will collectively shape and advance our commitment to DEIJ principles.