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Coast of Maine Organic Products




Coast of Maine Organic soils, mulches, fertilizers and amendments Organic gardening with the richest growth. Living close to the land keeps you grounded in life’s richest gifts. Since 1996, we’ve been digging in to deliver our organic line of natural soils, mulches, amendments, and fertilizers. The secret to their success is one every gardener learns—you get back from the earth what you put into it. And nothing nurtures the world above better than the soil below, cultivated from products and practices rooted in the Coast of Maine. Consistently crafted compost-enhanced soils Our soils contain natural ingredients sourced from ocean waters and farms. They never include biosolids or municipal or household waste. Every one of our products is designed with rigorous quality controls that include frequent turning, sampling, and testing, followed by a lengthy aging and curing process. The result is rich, dark, naturally-decomposed organic compost crafted to build the soil structure and properties that enhance plant growth.


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