Scrapp is a waste technology and data platform on a mission to simplify waste management infrastructure by enabling brands, municipalities, packagers & consumers to all speak one common language through accessible technology and data analytics. Scrapp has 3 Main Technological Solutions. The Scrapp Separation Station empowers organizations to recycle right, by scanning the barcode of a product or by searching from a personalized recycling wiki. The Separation Station turns any recycling bin into a smart bin, requiring zero retrofits. This allows businesses to engage employees around low-waste initiatives, while raising money for charities of their choice or educating on the topic of sustainability. The mobile app for consumers provides real-time product and location-specific recycling guidance by scanning the GTIN/UPC barcode on products. The Scrapp mobile app automatically updates recycling guidance based on the user’s location to show you whether or not something is recyclable in their area. Recycling Management for Municipalities: With a simple dashboard and built-in gamification, communities are able to digitize their recycling programs and engage residents on the benefits of recycling while raising money for local charities. With this program, they can customize the app specific to their needs and generate data insights to understand aspects of their solid waste programs, such as contamination and engagement rates.


Software & Technology Waste Management and Recycling


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