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May 31, 2022

For each of us, taking on the climate crisis can feel like a tall order. But it’s one that Placework, an architecture practice in Portsmouth, is not shying away from. They’ve been digging deep, looking for ways to create impact in both their work and their business, and have recently become the first Certified B Corporation architecture firm in New Hampshire. The B Corp process was important to them because it helps them to measure their efforts against other high-performing companies. Check out their B Corp certification announcement here

Placework primarily works with community-based clients; non-profit arts institutions, schools, and cities and towns in the region.  Their mission is to create transformative design for the benefit of people and planet. That means prioritizing the human experience of place – understanding how building make us feel, how they’re impacting our health and our community -as well as addressing potential negative ecological impact. As signatories to the AIA 2030 Commitment, they have committed to achieving 100% carbon neutral design by 2030.  Their work does not only focus on a building’s carbon footprint, however. It requires a regenerative focus – using a systems approach to find opportunities to benefit the sites and communities in which they work.

Since becoming an NHBSR members in 2019, the Placework team has been actively involved in our community. Brian Murphy, one the Placework’s Principals, presented at last year’s conference and the firm was a winner of the 2020 Sustainability Slam, in the Small Company Environment category. Being a part of the NHBSR network is important to founders Alyssa and Brian Murphy because it’s a community they value for learning opportunities like the Workplace Racial Equity and Climate Action Challenges and the many opportunities to share best practices. Reach out and connect via LinkedIn or at the conference!