June 11 @ 5:00 pm
June 12 @ 5:00 pm
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NH Gives

June 11, 2024

NH Gives is here! Support NHBSR and help us elevate voices for  thriving communities and a sustainable future. Together, let’s build a better NH for businesses and residents alike.

Support NHBSR this #NHGives and invest in a brighter future for all!

Businesses are important stakeholders in New Hampshire. When they raise their collective voice on critical issues facing NH residents, they are a powerful force for positive change. This advocacy can lead to better policies and a brighter future for all.

When you support NHBSR, you’re fostering a collaborative approach where businesses, employees, and communities work together. This collaborative spirit fosters a win-win situation: businesses benefit from a stronger talent pool and a more stable economic environment, while communities flourish with businesses that are invested in their well-being.

Make it a reality! Donate to NHBSR during NH Gives and elevate the voices for a sustainable and prosperous NH!

Give to NH Businesses for Social Responsibility | NH Gives 2024