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Green Lighting Energy


New Hampshire


The founding of Green Lightning Energy stems from a shared vision Jason Plant and Kadin Burns. Our journey began when both of our mothers sought the financial benefits and environmental advantages of solar energy but were met with prohibitively expensive quotes from all of the solar providers they consulted with. Determined to bridge this accessibility gap, we set out to put together solar projects for both of our mothers ourselves. During this process, we discovered that we could provide the same high-quality solar PV systems as the name-brand installers, but for significantly lower prices. Successfully delivering on our commitment to create an affordable path for our mothers to go solar, Jason and Kadin’s mothers saved $30,000 and $20,000 respectively from their next best bids. Following this experience, Green Lightning Energy was born to expand the mission, extending the same value to empower homeowners with affordable, high-quality solar solutions.


Clean Energy Professional Services


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We are in the process of launching our Solar Horizons Program, which will provide further discounting for veterans, low socioeconomic status individuals, and others facing unique circumstances that may make it difficult for them to install solar PV systems on their homes. We firmly believe that when more people have access to solar energy, we can reduce inequalities and enable more people to drastically reduce their homes’ carbon emissions footprint.