MWM Tools and Resources



Tools to Evaluate Your Sustainability Progress

MWM 101 Survey 50 questions max to help you determine your progress relative to other NHBSR businesses on focused environmental, workplace, community and transparency opportunities from the QIA.  The MWM 101 survey is designed to give you a quick evaluation of your efforts and serve as an on-ramp to the QIA, if desired.

Quick Impact Assessment Approximately 60 questions.  The QIA scores your responses to provide a deeper dive into your environmental, workplace, community and transparency efforts.  Your responses to the QIA can automatically be uploaded to the full Business Impact Assessment, if desired.

Tools to Support Your Sustainability Efforts

Energy Star Water and EPA Portfolio Manager Trainings 

Waste Management Tools (Downloads)


  • Success Without the Stress
  • Creating a Corporate Giving Platform for Impact
  • Green Champions: Embedding Action for your Sustainability Initiatives
  • Helping Employees Plan Strategically for Retirement
  • Measuring and Prioritizing Energy Reduction
  • Fit on the Farm: Healthy Workplace Program Ideas for All
  • Keys to a Successful Sustainabilty Program
  • Building Momentum for Sustainable Business
  • EPA Portfolio Manager Basics
  • Waste Management, Digging Deeper
  • Move Your Sustainability Plans Forward with the B Impact Clinic
  • Learn from the MWM NH Impact Assessment Experts November 7, 2018
  • Learn from the MWM NH Impact Assessment Experts October 24, 2018

Please find full webinar recordings and resources at the main webinar page here!